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My professor brothers  by mrsjungkookie7
My professor brothers by mrs.jeon...
Hello Cutiess, New author right here hope u all will love my fictions. This story is about a girl named Y/N who lives with her two strict professor brothers but actually...
သူ စေလိုရာ (As Your Wish) by MelonMira
သူ စေလိုရာ (As Your Wish)by MelonMira
သူ့လက်ထဲက လွှတ်မြောက်ဖို့ဆိုရင် ဘာမဆိုလုပ်မယ့် မိုးမခ..... မိုးမခကို သူ့လက်ထဲမှာပဲ အပိုင်ထားဖို့အတွက်ဆိုရင် ဘာမဆိုလုပ်ရဲတဲ့ ဘုန်းမြှင့်သီဟ..... Punish type ဆိုတာထပ် Abu...
Short Stories  by Kyal992
Short Stories by Kyal
Punishment type လေးနည်း"ပါမှာမို့ အဆင်ပြေမှ ဖတ်ပါ။
Punishments  by downon4
Punishments by selllllleid8kd
Thankyou so much for 554 views -I thought it would be 0 😂😂 #1 - bdsm #2- public
 HIM THE "PROFESSOR" by breezy5533
HIM THE "PROFESSOR"by breezy waves 🌊
"EVEN THE QUEEN HAS CONSEQUENCE FOR HER OWN RUIN" It's a story of y/n living with her husband (jk) who professor extremely soft but only for her his characte...
I am sorry by Akarity
I am sorryby Akarity
hey my cuties it's the new story and somthing really different from what I usually write this book contain triggering content soft hearted people will not be able to bea...
Crime partners by Akarity
Crime partnersby Akarity
hey cuties this is the story of 2 cute but naughty babies who keeps getting in trouble with there appa every single day. let's see what troubles they creat and how there...
Spanking One Shots by MyOtherSelf1
Spanking One Shotsby 🖤
Random, spanking stories (one shots) cause we're kinky ;)
☞Strict Hyung Of Vkook☜ by organicpeace4
☞Strict Hyung Of Vkook☜by organicpeace4
So here is another story of mine......I mean my another imaginary story 💭.... In this story there are many twists and turns... So, they are kim brothers....and more u...
REFORMATION by Swaggy_Serendipity
Felix Heeler, a troubled and rebellious teenager, leads a life marked by destructive actions, however, a fateful night changes everything when Felix's reckless behaviour...
Daddy ရဲ့ အချစ် by TwinkleTwinkle292
Daddy ရဲ့ အချစ်by Twinkle Twinkle
'' ပိုင်ဇေသော် '' ဆိုတဲ့လူလိမ်မာဆိုးလေး နဲ့ သူ့ရဲ့ မွေးစား'' Daddy '' ဘုန်းခန့်ရှိန်တို့ရဲ့ love story ေလး..အပြင်တခြားအတွဲလေးပါတယ်နော်
My Strict Professor Husband (Yoonmin)  by Daydreamers1319
My Strict Professor Husband (Yoonm...by Daydreamers
This is the story of a innocent college boy and his super strict professor husband. Both of them are completely opposite to each other. Min Yoongi, a heartless professor...
[FAMILY FRIENDLY💜] TAE X READER So he's your professor and he's quite strict and cold.Yn on the other side loves doing mischievous....
single father of a girl by starwars117419
single father of a girlby starwars117419
just how namjoon deals with a girl child as it's gonna be hard for him tough. cause his daughter is going to be a introvert child who is embarrassed easily around boys.
Life Is Unpredictable by sonuanki
Life Is Unpredictableby sonuanki
This story is about Simran khanna and her life with her family and friends. More description of every character in the story will be in next chapter. Hello everyone, Th...
A annoying and strict brother by AbhignyaPanda
A annoying and strict brotherby Abhignya Panda
Wanna know the life of two younger siblings with cool but strict elder brother? Yeah you are at the right place.
ချစ်ရပါသော (My Lovely) by MelonMira
ချစ်ရပါသော (My Lovely)by MelonMira
ငယ်ငယ်က‌တည်းကတစ်ဦးတည်းသောသမီးမလို့အလိုလိုက်ထားရင်း အသက် 15 နှစ်ဆယ်ကျော်သက်အရွယ်မှာအရမ်းဆိုးလာတဲ့ ကလေးမလေးကို သေချာပြန်ထိန်းရတော့မယ် "နွေလွန်းသစ်မေ မင်းကိုအလိုလိုက်...
ATOOT BANDHAN  by dasariMalliswari
ATOOT BANDHAN by dasari Malliswari
This is a story of three Sliblings who lost their parents at young age but their elder brother took a step and raise his Sliblings in these journey he find his queen who...
Our precious family  by soumya7809
Our precious family by soumya7809
this is a story about kim family which includes seven brothers..... 7 brothers ready to do anything for each other loves eachother like there is no tomorrow read this s...
     Why Me ?(My brothers hates me) ( Bts ff) by dipshanel
Why Me ?(My brothers hates me...by shine...
WHY ME ? I also deserved to be loved .. And now I am slowly dying but I have no one in my side . I just want one time my brother loves me like they used to do before...