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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • alex
  • question
  • falling
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The Mysterious Hero by BrilliantBranda
The Mysterious Heroby Branda
During the day she's shy, quiet, and reserved. But during the night she's beautiful, confident, and a secret kick-ass hero. She's Lila Tyler. From capturing criminals t...
  • crying
  • bullying
  • robber
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It's Not That Easy by HollisMayer
It's Not That Easyby HollisMayer
Complete. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.' No truer words have ever been spoken, and Addyson Grace Coulter Mills is proof of that. She lived alone in Boston...
  • stalker
  • sushi
  • ink
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Most Teenage Girls Get a Car for Their Sweet Sixteen, I Got Pregnant! by ashleybabyy3000
Most Teenage Girls Get a Car for Ashley
Angel is a normal sweet, fun, loving teen. She has two loving parent's and a great boyfriend. She has what most people would consider a great life.But, will all that cha...
  • teen-pregnancy
  • friends
  • boyfriend
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Lay Me Down by Thischickisbomb
Lay Me Downby Thischickisbomb
Lizzie had been forced to sleep with men for as long as she can remember to support her mom and stepdad's raging drug habits. She's lost and has no one to turn to leavin...
  • heartbreak
  • trent
  • friends
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All I Ask Of You~(Criminal Minds OneShot) Spencer Reid Love Story by xLimewireJunkiex
All I Ask Of You~(Criminal Minds xLimewireJunkiex
After Clara Dolby witnesses her parents brutal death right in front of her; her life is completely destroyed, and the members of the BAU know this. Dr. Spencer Reid, the...
  • abduction
  • ops
  • death
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Unexpected Boss by ElizabethA15
Unexpected Bossby Elizabeth Belgarde
Aria has had a tough couple of weeks with taking on a bigger position at work for Mr. Collins, Her boyfriend of 3 years cheated on her with one of her besties, and to to...
  • hannah
  • hospital
  • thriller
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Solution To Commence An Own Online eCommerce Business by trioangletech
Solution To Commence An Own trioangletech
To have a prominent eCommerce platform nevertheless, Trioangle offers the best solution for your have an online eCommerce script. It's a web and mobile developing corpor...
  • software
  • ecommerce
  • best
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Dear Diary by valerie0903
Dear Diaryby valerie0903
Hallo Leute mein Name lautet Laura und ich kam letztens in eine neue schule ...Es war schrecklich , peinlich und ich habe dort auch noch meine erste Liebe getroffen !!❤️...
  • life
  • friends
  • school
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Hit List(ON HOLD) by OzzyLynne
Hit List(ON HOLD)by Lynne King
Well all know what a Hit List is, so let me hit this down. Megan King is tired of being pushed around, so she teams up with the school Devils and makes a Hit List, can y...
  • lunch
  • fight
  • change
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Get daily deals on online shopping in Saudi Arabia by tdealsshop
Get daily deals on online tdealsshop
There was a paradigm shift within the purchasing conduct of customers in today's state of affairs. Rather of the common or traditional shopping conduct corporations are...
  • home
  • electronic
  • women
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everlasting love (Larry) by niamforlife
everlasting love (Larry)by niamforlife
Pathetic. Worthless. and stupid is what Harrys dad thinks of him. Harry was abused by is father when he was younger. Harrys mom lives 3 hours out of town, so he has no o...
  • shopping
  • louis
  • soon
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Forever or Never? by XxxibringlocabackxxX
Forever or Never?by XxxibringlocabackxxX
Louise is the perfect daughter; good grades, nice, fantastic looks. Her biggest flaw, is the fact that her mom and dad divorced. So when her mother gets sick, Louise's d...
  • romeo
  • shopping
  • bizarre
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Cheap plus size dresses - Get cheap and trendy clothing from 599 Fashion by 599fasion
Cheap plus size dresses - Get 599fasion
If you want to have cheap online shopping experience then you need to find the reliable and leading supplier. With the help of right clothing store, it will be great for...
  • dresses
  • plus
  • clothes
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The New Girl's Taking Charge by LuvsLove123
The New Girl's Taking Chargeby Abby
Ariana is the new girl in town, back in her old life anyone to come in contact with her always knew her as the 'nice' girl. But ever since her parents were planning on g...
  • girl
  • queen
  • move
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T'was the Last Shopping Day Before Christmas by DrenProductions
T'was the Last Shopping Day James Mascia
'Twas the day before Christmas And all through the store The shoppers were screaming They all wanted more. So, begins the tale of Santa's day at the mall. Trying to conv...
  • funny
  • shopping
  • satire
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:: When It Rains :: by mohiniangel
:: When It Rains ::by Dee
Dahlia Watts is your normal seventeen-year-old girl...with a huge secret. She has a loving boyfriend, Lewis Brent, who is part of the enemy's family. For years, Dahlia's...
  • love
  • romantic
  • dahlia
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He's Mine! { One Direction FanFic } by SerenaDrost
He's Mine! { One Direction FanFic }by Serena Drost
Serena Castor is a normal 16 year old girl, and so is Julia Wright. These girls have been best friends since third grade, but will one night change all of that? Read on...
  • shopping
  • one
  • everythingelsethatimtolazytotag
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