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Drowning  / SM by smendesstories8
Drowning / SMby smendesstories8
Alyssa went to the Starbucks near her home as every day to do her job as a waitress and that's where she meets a couple. The Shawn Mendes and his hateful girlfriend. She...
  • hate
  • saving
  • sm3
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The Starbucks Hotline by extrachipper
The Starbucks Hotlineby annewithaqt
  • telephoneconversations
  • macro
  • humor
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Coffee Isn't Enough (COMPLETED) by Krystel_Grace69
Coffee Isn't Enough (COMPLETED)by Krystel Grace
Frei Harrington and Yale Peters... their love story began inside a coffee shop... What really happened? Copyright © 2016 Kristel Grace *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Cover made b...
  • yaoi
  • freshmen
  • starbucks
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The Alpha's Girl by wewritebooks
The Alpha's Girlby wewritebooks
"Stop! No! I don't like you!" I shout, pushing him away with my hands. He growls, gritting his teeth. "Oh, doll, but you will," he whispers, his tee...
  • lovers
  • inlove
  • romance
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Pink Drink Princess || Hannie by HarlowIsAShipper
Pink Drink Princess || Hannieby 🌵 Harlow 🌻
"Kiss me, princess." Annie LeBlanc is a famous social media star, with millions of followers on Instagram and Tik Tok. Every morning she goes to Starbucks and...
  • pinkdrink
  • haydensummerall
  • starbucks
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That Styles Kid (Harry Styles) by dxrkharry_
That Styles Kid (Harry Styles)by Courts
Harry Styles, the popular boy, the 'fittie', the captain of the football team, the one that every girl drools over. Annabelle Anderson, she may be the quiet one, the ne...
  • payne
  • fiction
  • before
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The Boy Next Door by cachelife
The Boy Next Doorby C&P
  • love
  • neighbor
  • zoey
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Wattpad Interviews...2 Minutes With... by xlolaxsparksx
Wattpad Interviews...2 Minutes Lola Sparks
A series of 'Chatshow' Interviews with the some of Wattpads finest writers.
  • ries
  • lookout
  • 1stc
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amante al café『 YOONSEOK 』 by babyyoongii
amante al café『 YOONSEOK 』by COKE SQUAD
"Do you actually love coffee or are you in love with me?" babyyoongii 2017; start: --/--/2017 finish: --/--/2017
  • brotp
  • bangtan
  • sope
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A Brewed Love | A Harry Styles Fanfic by hxxdlove
A Brewed Love | A Harry Styles O L I V I A
Austin's life is dedicated to her studies. She never lets herself have any fun because she is focused on her dream to become a doctor like her parents... She won't let...
  • 1d
  • starbucks
  • love
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You have headphones and I have the smile. ( Deadlox X Reader ) by TinkTheGamer
You have headphones and I have • Im A Gamer •
2nd book. Yay! I'll be really active with this book. I haven't seen anybody really make these anymore, so here.
  • romance
  • deadlox
  • death
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The Coffee Shop by fluffypenguinsx
The Coffee Shopby raddish girl ❤
"Why did you choose to work here?" Sam asked me. I shurgged, thinking of a real reason why I came here. "Umm...partially because my aunt said that I could...
  • coffee
  • café
  • starbucks
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Starbucks: Fantasy Becomes Reality by TaylonOfficial
Starbucks: Fantasy Becomes Realityby TaylonOfficial
Who would have ever thought that just being at Starbucks means getting yourself into something that you thought was impossible? Who would have thought just by wanting to...
  • girllikesstarbucks
  • starbucks
  • fantasy
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Starbucks| jinyoung by bunniesbuns
Starbucks| jinyoungby bunniesbuns
{someone caring, is someone who will hurt you first} A Jinyoung FF (Got7)
  • kpopidols
  • fanfiction
  • parkjinyoung
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Are They Friends Yet? by thegoldenpages_
Are They Friends Yet?by Schme
Chloe and Erica hate each other, with a passion. But when their boyfriends are best friends, they really don't have a choice. They try acting like friends, that doesn't...
  • cookies
  • shawnslazyeye
  • moo
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Wizardly Weekly by LeaTheAnimeGirl
Wizardly Weeklyby LeaTheAnimeGirl
Lucy Heartfilia is a famous model for wizardly weekly but is aspiring to be a writer/newsreporter for Wizardly Weekly. Natsu Dragneel is a famous photographer. He starte...
  • photography
  • modelling
  • newsreporter
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Encounters From Behind The Counter by RossCarpenter5
Encounters From Behind The Counterby Ross Carpenter
Caffeinated beverages, green aprons and mom's shopping after the beach.
  • work
  • starbucks
  • coffeeshop
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