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Dying Embers || BeckFreen [Completed] by vivaciousgeek
Dying Embers || BeckFreen [ deshu
What are you willing to do to get the person you love? Are you ready to light the fire that once dies? Are you willing to sacrifice your happiness for the justice she wa...
My Retribution  by EnolaEzhno
My Retribution by Nics Nica
Freen is an Ice queen that possesses incredible knowledge and strength. She did everything just to penetrate into the life of the Armstrong to avenge the death of her fa...
Bewitching Rebecca Patricia Armstrong  by Petalpage
Bewitching Rebecca Patricia Petalpage
"Is she mine?" Freen asked with shaky hands watching the little kid playing on the playground. Her hair cascade on her shoulders, her eyes were brown, Freen's...
Counsel of the Heart by CRENLUN
Counsel of the Heartby COLE
Rebecca Patricia Armstrong is a well- known psychiatrist in UK, she got a call from a mental hospital in thailand that they want her to work for them and she happily sa...
Married to Miss Temperamental  by Petalpage
Married to Miss Temperamental by Petalpage
" Sometimes, the saddest endings are the ones we never saw coming." - Becky
"I'm giving you the chance if you can escape, if I didn't find you then you're free but then if I find you, you're forever trapped here in my world, rebecca"...
The Love We Failed To Unfold [COMPLETED] by Petalpage
The Love We Failed To Unfold [ Petalpage
"I want you back Bec." Rebecca paused and smiled bitterly. "Why would you want me back when I was never yours in the first place?"
Forbidden Love by crazedz0ul
Forbidden Loveby vaishu
Rebecca Armstrong is starting her medical internship at Bangkok General, but there was a surprise waiting for her there in the form of none other than Dr.Freen Sarocha C...
One Night Stand With My CEO, Sam by Cloudslywery
One Night Stand With My CEO, Samby Stvrlightt
Sam (G!p) x Mon Because of that one night stand, Mon and Sam's life changed 360 degrees. Please do not copy my work.
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P)  by call_me_daddy___
Make you Moan (Freen-Becky G!P) by call_me_daddy___
Fantasizing about Freen and Becky? Here's one best shots for you. 😜🤤💦 If you are too sensitive, you are not welcome to read my fantasies. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK‼️ I ho...
Secretly Yours || FreenBecky [Completed] by vivaciousgeek
Secretly Yours || FreenBecky [ deshu
Freen's life took an unexpected turn when she became embroiled in a scandalous video, prompting her fiancé Heng to send her far from the city's harsh scrutiny. Venturing...
GAP: Our Happy Ever After by crimsonwitch08
GAP: Our Happy Ever Afterby zeezee0814
Sam and Mon's family life. No drama this time, their pre-marital life is full of it already. P.S. - GAP the Series in not mine nor the characters. Just making an AU abou...
tell the world that i love you (FreenBecky ) by Akid_18
tell the world that i love you ( Akid
It's fascinating how sometimes feelings can make people being in love and heartbreak, how one thing lead to another, how people could grow in a bad or good way. Becky an...
The Way Back To You [FreenBecky] by hyunseulgomtokki
The Way Back To You [FreenBecky]by el
"Time passes by as we drift, but strings seems to find ways for me to go back to you." Freen, a rich CEO had to face her ex-bestfriend in college Becky, who ha...
How She Came Home by AnonDaDuck
How She Came Homeby Da Tacky Duck
When Becca meets Freen, a soldier home on leave, her life is completely tipped upside down in an instant. As they start talking, Becca feels drawn to Freen; there's some...
GAP NOVEL by blurrxzzz
GAP NOVELby joonie
*this story is not mine* Khun Sam, whose real rank is 'Mhom Luang'. A perfectionist lady of the highest class, in appearance, wealth and intelligence. She is also my ido...
That's the way I love you by bimbo296
That's the way I love youby bimbo296
Becky's life takes a tumultuous turn when she discovers the painful truth about her boyfriend, Nop - he had betrayed her trust and cheated on her with another woman. Hea...
Oblivion of two worlds by CRENLUN
Oblivion of two worldsby COLE
Rebecca Patricia Armstrong is the last heir to the throne as she is the last one of her bloodline that lived, she was being hunted by the Vendalla so that she wont be c...
A FreenBecky story where in Freen is betrayed by her Ex - Girlfriend and own brother then met her UNEXPECTED Trigger warning⚠️🔞 Girl P*n*s Matured content Read at your...