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My Name is Three by Smith1984
My Name is Threeby M
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Don't Worry, Your Just The Lost Princess! (Hold) by SecretlyNinja
Don't Worry, Your Just The Lost Pr...by kassidy
Violet is nothing but an orphan but it seems the royal family isn't convinced. In fact, the royal family believes that Violet is one of the royal triplets. Follow Violet...
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Society Dysfunctional by Neon_N3o
Society Dysfunctionalby Neon_N3o
Meet these five troubled teens : the drug addict, the amnesiac, the narcissistic player, the pyromaniac and the mentally disturbed genius. They may be worlds apart, but...
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The Hunt by Jayfeather1997
The Huntby Jayfeather1997
Josef Fox was a typical teenager. Staying up late on weekends, fighting with his parents, baseball practice, and girls. Untill one life changing event causes him to move...
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We Met One Direction At The Grocery Store. (A One Direction Fan Fiction) by happyy_cactus
We Met One Direction At The Grocer...by Eve
Me and my bestfriend are co-writing this story together, I hope you really like it! We aren't sure exactly what the book is going to be like yet, but please PLEASE check...
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Marina's Sorrow (Lorien Legacies/I Am Number Four Fanfiction) by IAmAnOriginal
Marina's Sorrow (Lorien Legacies/I...by IAmAnOriginal
A One Shot on how Marina was when Eight died. Just a little re write :) . ( Can't remember what Five used to kill him cause I read the book a while back so I'm going to...
Shawn's Side [Sequel] by SkeneKidz
Shawn's Side [Sequel]by Jen
(Continuation of Twice The Love, Twice The Hate) With Shane and Luna together and happy, Shawn Jarvis seeks to find his own happiness with his romantic interest, a girl...
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Short Stories by Lisa Bradley by StoryWriter1139
Short Stories by Lisa Bradleyby Lisa
Heyyy, this is some short random stories I wrote !!! Hope ya like them !!! And P.S. This is always gonna be completed until I upload another short story. Bye people ! ! !
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Caged Animals (A Story of Bullying) by writergrl98
Caged Animals (A Story of Bullying)by Rhiannon L
Evening Elizabeth Anne Wilcox has gone through a lot in her sixteen years. She lost her beloved parents in a boating accident. Aunt Rebecca, who Evening and her brother...
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Mr. Fire by justjojo
Mr. Fireby Zowie
Avalon is the P.A. to Chase Fire. It's simple, he's a self confessed man whore, and the world's biggest asshole. She's sweet, down to earth. In no way, shape, or form do...
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Custos Unicorium 2: Nova Turba~ New Company by Springtime_Unicorn
Custos Unicorium 2: Nova Turba~ Ne...by Tomi
Regina has survived with her broken leg through the rest of the summer, and the first part of fall. It may have been the result of Allistair's question that kept her san...
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poetry by masterof42
poetryby masterof42
What do you think it is? A light switch?
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Whats so wrong with love? FINISHED :). by ColetteRedTape
Whats so wrong with love? FINISHED...by Colette
So reading this as the fully formed adult human being that I am now, and not the little 14/15 year old writing this, I'm not gonna lie and say this isn't some trash writ...
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Twice The Love, Twice The Hate. I Just Had To Fall For Twins. by SkeneKidz
Twice The Love, Twice The Hate. I...by Jen
Luna is the new girl in school and on her first day, she meets the Jarvis twins. Shane and Shawn are identical twins, and yet complete opposites. As Luna finds herself c...
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If somebody told you... by gummybear5035
If somebody told you...by Molly
Hannah Marks is falling hard for John Danvers. He's handsome, get's good grades, and is the perfect gentlemen. Well, he's just the perfect guy or at least that's how h...
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Erudition (New Title: Knowledge) by Aivilo
Erudition (New Title: Knowledge)by olivia
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Three's A Crowd by SkeneKidz
Three's A Crowdby Jen
Alexandria Anken and Victor Bailey have been dating for almost a year, and Vic is positive he's in love with Alex. When Vic catches Alex cheating on him, he's heartbroke...
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30 Day Letter Challenge by IncorrectConcept
30 Day Letter Challengeby IncorrectConcept
Theeee Thirty Daay Letter Challengee *spoken in dramatic announcer voice*. I'm gunna write a letter a day, through this I'll learn more about myself, and you'll do the s...
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