Prince Charmink (Wattys 2017) by Devilsmom
Prince Charmink (Wattys 2017)by Pearl Mae
Lilah James has never had any troubles with getting into a club, even though she was not 'of age' yet. Still, no bodyguard ever demanded to see her ID. That all seemed t...
  • fighting
  • drunk
  • relationship
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Trixie by Lila-K
Trixieby Lila-K
Esmeralda Roberts, or better known by her stage name Trixie, works as a stripper, but not by choice, but because she has to. Collin Edwards, a wealthy and successful bus...
  • youngadult
  • teenfiction
  • wattys2016
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Amandolo ✅ by JessieTWallis
Amandolo ✅by Jessica.T Wallis
Vanessa Diamond wasn't what anyone wanted, her brash personality and tomboyish ways turned everyone against her, even her family. Knowing she wasn't wanted Vanessa left...
  • gắng
  • strong
  • female
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Yes Professor? A Student/Teacher Relationship (SAMPLE)FICFUN by Lovedove07
Yes Professor? A Student/Teacher Cassie
I started to aim the paper ball when I was disturbed by a husky chuckle, a sexy chuckle at that! "uh ,uh ,uh you have to be further away from the bin, not that clos...
  • man
  • professor-student
  • party
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Isabella's Luck (#1 of the Ghost Riders series) by hoe-chlins
Isabella's Luck (#1 of the Ghost rosie
Lucky has a good life: he has his brothers, his bike, and a stable job. Isabella is happy just where she is. She's safe, she's in college and had her family. Who cares i...
  • protective
  • bikerclub
  • gắng
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A KingPins BabyMama { Urban Novel } by diamondlovesbooks123
A KingPins BabyMama { Urban Novel }by diamondlovesbooks123
This is Tanya an 17 year old who has all the right curves in all the right places. Tanya's Moms is a junkie who owes a huge debt to a kingpins who could give no fucks if...
  • kingpin
  • scene
  • pregnancy
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The Defiant Girl (BDSM) by itsssky
The Defiant Girl (BDSM)by Ky
I thought having your best friend force you to go to a bdsm club was bad, until the hot owner of the club becomes your dom.
  • defiant
  • bxg
  • kinky
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Various x Reader) DISCONTINUED by AbbieVanityCakes
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (Various ア ビ ー バ ニ テ ィ
Under the sea lies a romantic tale of a handsome swimmer and his beautiful mermaid ! Free! Iwatobi Swim Club One Shots x Reader ! ⇝ requests are always open , comment or...
  • swim
  • free
  • nanase
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The Biker Gang by 01Lowri-Edwards
The Biker Gangby LowriEdwards
Kayliee Dawson is a ordinary 17 year old. One day she decides to go out partying but ends up in trouble, she gets saved by a mysterious guy who takes her back to his, sh...
  • abuse
  • bully
  • love
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The Doctor and His Wife (Mature Scenes) by dgkitten
The Doctor and His Wife (Mature Divine Grace
Not a full story! PLEASE READ BEFORE OPENING THIS BOOK! ? This book only contains the mature/private chapters from the main book, The Doctor and His Wife (A Sequel), whi...
  • club
  • lovetriangle
  • drunk
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She's The Guy For The Job by Gingerbread91
She's The Guy For The Jobby Gingerbread91
"Look here. I fucking turned up to your meeting now tell me what you want" Rycan growled banging his scarred fist against the table. Matt continued to stare at...
  • job
  • love
  • motorbike
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The Sassy Submissive by GoldenAngelAuthor
The Sassy Submissiveby G. Angel
Step into the hottest BDSM club around and meet the Doms of Stronghold When Adam Rawn meets Mistress Angela at a new club called Chained, she describes herself as being...
  • dom
  • bdsm
  • contemporary
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||  T H E   A R T  O F  S E X  ||   [ BTS fanfic]  [ AMBW] by S_A_D_A_N_G_E_L
|| T H E A R T O F S E X || Skyla
" let me touch you" Jimins voice sent a string of shivers down Kingsley's spine. Leaving her in a heat of wetness and sexual frustration. - - - - - - - Maybe w...
  • pain
  • heartbreak
  • taehyung
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Wrath - Deadly Seven MC: #1- by JessicaPendragon
Wrath - Deadly Seven MC: #1-by Jessica
When Gwendolyn Locklear finds out her husband is cheating, had a secret vasectomy a week before they got married, and is using her for her money she admittedly goes a li...
  • dominic
  • love
  • mc
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One's Magnet (Chris Brown Fan Fic) by chrissybhrissy
One's Magnet (Chris Brown Fan Fic)by Maurice ✨🌎
Do opposites really attract?
  • romance
  • drama
  • treysongz
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Prologue : Loving Blake Coster by beyondlocks
Prologue : Loving Blake Costerby Janice Martana
Prologue Blake Coster One of the richest Billionare in America. He got the face , the money and fame. He always get what he wants and now he wants the heritage that his...
  • victoriasecret
  • past
  • story
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Late Night Fantasy's (Erotica 18+) by TessaT
Late Night Fantasy's (Erotica 18+)by TessaT
Short sexual Stories. Ranging from single females at a nightclub, to werewolves pouncing on their mate. You might have to follow as there will be graphic scenes, but so...
  • alpha
  • 2m1w
  • love
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Charlotte  by YoungAndUndefined
Charlotte by ☼ uh huh, honey. ☼
After a steamy night of passion with a stranger, Lesra is finally ready to throw away her old carefree habits to become a surrogate to a couple who cannot conceive. But...
  • strangers
  • theojames
  • rich
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Powerful {Book 1} by DayuuuumStilesss
Powerful {Book 1}by BabyNya❤️
I am Brave. I am Strong.. I am Beautiful ... I am POWERFUL.... He is Mean. He is Smart.. He is Dominant... He is MINE.... All my life I've been independe...
  • independent
  • dominance
  • grown-woman
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Too much for Mr. Kyoya~~? by Oblenafa
Too much for Mr. Kyoya~~?by 리아
What happens when Kyoya doesn't get what he wants~? How will he react~? And what will he do~?
  • lemon
  • host
  • kyoya
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