I'm going to Cultivate!! by phantomhive17
I'm going to Cultivate!!by phantomhive17
Indeed I wished to be in a Fantasy world of swords and magic. Indeed I wished to transmigrate in a body of a beautiful lady. Indeed I wished to be exceptional. But--- wh...
  • watermage
  • femaleprotagonist
  • magic
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Abused by nikknakk3
Abusedby Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
  • code
  • superman
  • friends
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Incest Family (GirlXGirl) by PRITHVI96
Incest Family (GirlXGirl)by PRITHVI96
This is not my story . I am posting this for fun.
  • aunt
  • neice
  • mother
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Seducing an Emperor  by Grace034
Seducing an Emperor by [insert name here]
UNDERGOING EDITING "Our daughter is all wrong Iotiva her body is not bountiful. No man in Roma wants to marry her. They won't marry her for her intelligence that i...
  • mother
  • young
  • power
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The Billionaire's Unknown Child  by Dredge116
The Billionaire's Unknown Child by Dredge
Juliet Christiansen has never made a mistake in her life until she met Billionaire Playboy Hayden Knowles. After a night together he kicks her out of his hotel room and...
  • parents
  • engagement
  • strongfemalelead
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The Stepmother  by xoxoshoshanaxoxo
The Stepmother by Joss 💋
Trinity Castello is a girl who's been through a lifetime of hurt all before the age of 18. She was abandoned at the age of five by her father. He left her and moved on...
  • mdlg
  • stepmother
  • step
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Hot One Shots by 03DaddyLover
Hot One Shotsby NaughtyGirl03
This includes any type of one shots. I do take requests, heck, most of my stories come from requests. I did have a different account but it got shut down. So I'm having...
  • son
  • bdsm
  • random
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Paul's imprint  by HarliLawson6
Paul's imprint by Harli Lawson
This is a Paul Lahote love story.
  • twilight
  • lahote
  • paul
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I'm okay... by LxT4ever
I'm Leah
Kayla, 16 year old, is living with her mother. Her dad's out of the picture but that doesn't matter, she has her perfect mom. But when fate is shaking, it changes Kayla'...
  • principalxstudent
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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Second Chance At Life. Second Chance At Love. by IrishShewolf
Second Chance At Life. Second Sinead
Katie Knight found her mate at the age of 16 and were madly in love. But when he dies after a rogue attack he makes her promise that she will find someone else to love a...
  • kidnap
  • kids
  • chance
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I was a Mistake by AbbyDi23ner
I was a Mistakeby Abby
Eden's mother considers her the ruin of a perfect family. When the only father she's ever known leaves her and her family behind at the age of three, Eden becomes the br...
  • wattys2018
  • chicklit
  • newparents
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Mistaken Identity (Old Version) by jollyreaderjennell
Mistaken Identity (Old Version)by Alliyah Brown
Kalliyah's twin sister, Alliyah decides to have an affair with an older man. The affair led to Alliyah getting pregnant. After couple months of taking care of the child...
  • arrogant
  • sister
  • stalker
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Belum ditentukan akan buat secara online atau dalam bentuk buku. Saya hanya mahu berkongsi idea baru untuk story baru saya.
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Rejected No Longer (Book 2) by wolfgirl183818
Rejected No Longer (Book 2)by 🔱Wolfgirl🔱
×~Must Read 'Rejected By Everyone' before reading~× Madison Boldium has been taken by demons, but her mate, Alpha Cody Williams, believes she is dead. Evan and Ava, Cody...
  • captured
  • wolves
  • win
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Harry Potter x reader one-shots by SabrinaWilson3
Harry Potter x reader one-shotsby Slytherin Lover ❤️
This will be a collection of one-shots with various characters. I do fluff and smut as well as non romantic relationships, such as friendship and parenting. I try to up...
  • wood
  • snape
  • george
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My Destiny & The Billionaire  King's Baby💖 by RoyalRena2651
My Destiny & The Billionaire Luna Renna
23 year old Rena Aurora is a Nanny who just lost her Job because the kids that she was taking care of is moving to France,Paris. With her bills piling up she had to work...
  • romance
  • uncle
  • fights
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My Babies Daddy (On-Going) by holayagirl
My Babies Daddy (On-Going)by holayagirl
  • jinbts
  • twins
  • teenfic
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Marvel parent scenarios by Jazz-demo
Marvel parent scenariosby Jazz-demo
So I've seen these everywhere but they don't get updates frequently and that makes me sad so I decided to write one of my own :) I'll try updating as soon as I can, you...
  • father
  • mother
  • scenarios
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The Heart of a Warrior by baileymonroe17
The Heart of a Warriorby Bailey Monroe
Daniel grew up under the tyranny of the most vicious alpha the world has seen in half a millennium. Emotions were weaknesses, weaknesses were threats, and threats were a...
  • mother
  • femalealpha
  • scars
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ENTWINED BY FAITH... #TheCraziestWins... by sparkleofnight_22
15 YEARS DOWN THE LANE. LIFE CHANGES IN FLICK OF A SECOND BUT ONLY WHEN WE LET IT TO CHANGE... Co-authored by very amazing sister of mine @amoremarine.... HIGHEST RATING...
  • mother
  • daughter
  • fanfiction
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