The Mafia Princes Ex-Wife (Book I) by rosehearted_
The Mafia Princes Ex-Wife (Book I)by rosehearted_
Stephanie Anderson was once known as Stephanie Wilde. The wife of one and only Mafia Prince. He divorced her because his friends thought she was embarrassing him.Poor St...
  • wife
  • forced
  • prince
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Turned Down Twins (#2) - {EDITING SOON} by xxxariaaa
Turned Down Twins (#2) - { Stars and Stripes
He was close to the door when I got up. His eyes widened when he saw me. He started at me. We both looked at each other with wide eyes. "Cristiano please stop! Whe...
  • mother
  • 17
  • rejected
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Harry Potter x reader one-shots by SabrinaWilson3
Harry Potter x reader one-shotsby Slytherin Lover ❤️
This will be a collection of one-shots with various characters. I do fluff and smut as well as non romantic relationships, such as friendship and parenting. I try to up...
  • george
  • malfoy
  • love
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The Mother He Never Had by Kureiji_otaku
The Mother He Never Hadby Psychotic Lover
As you all know, Naruto had it hard as a kid. Nobody wanted to be his friend, the entire village rejected him, and the worst of all, he didn't have anybody to care, love...
  • naruto
  • guy
  • sakura
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My stepdad. My mate.  by lovergirl00530
My stepdad. My mate. by Mia Mya whatever .
(Part of the 'My mate' Trilogy book 2 First book don't need to be read to read this one) Kimberly Adams is simply pure. She's shy, smart, and she's a werewolf. Her dad...
  • love
  • mate
  • badboy
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Muted Mate by Dreamzzx
Muted Mateby b
He's an alpha. She is nothing. He's loud and outgoing. She's a mute freak. He needs his mate. She wants to be dead. What happens when two opposites cross paths? {i wrote...
  • werewolf
  • mute
  • hate
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Living A Lie (Completed) by Mys_AJ
Living A Lie (Completed)by A.J.
SECOND BOOK OF THE WEREWOLF PRINCESS SERIES! (Sequel to A Rejected Princess) I suggest reading that book first or you will be very confused! ____________________________...
  • royal
  • mother
  • werewolf
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His Baby & His Heart  by VaniForever
His Baby & His Heart by Varisha 🥑
Maybe getting your super model girl friend pregnant isn't the way to start a family. Maybe getting a business degree doesn't actually mean you're going join the office t...
  • boss
  • motherhood
  • marriage
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Wolf Born Lycan by AshaWheeler
Wolf Born Lycanby Asha Wheeler
A Lycan can not shift forms while pregnant. The danger in doing so is too high. Emma is locked in a cell. Her mate is dead. Her captors want her pup. She's being drugge...
  • wolfbornlycan
  • lycan
  • mate
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BROKEN by kuku369
"A last chance please" he asked hopefully. "I can't handle another heartbreak" she replied emotionlessly. "I promise I myself will break but w...
  • laksh
  • pain
  • swaragini
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A Mother's Love by gmeowlin
A Mother's Loveby • k i t t e n •
After Karlheinz married Cordelia, Beatrix, and Christa, he sought for another woman to become his wife. His gaze soon fell upon Y/N. She was a pureblood vampire with a s...
  • subaru
  • theotherwoman
  • kids
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The Alpha Kings Queen (Completed slowly editing) by beth_venning
The Alpha Kings Queen (Completed beth_venning
Faith is your average teen werewolf, she lives with her older brother Tom, as their parents abandoned them when they were young so Tom took their place at being Faith's...
  • mother
  • king
  • stronglanguage
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[#4 on Spiritual🔥🔥 On 24 September 2018] "Why is everybody avoiding me because of my voice? Was I the one that created myself? No. I was ridiculed, humiliated, ha...
  • jealousy
  • pain
  • romance
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Kim Taehyung Daughter!! by _Dboy-Taegi_
Kim Taehyung Daughter!!by _Dboy-Taegi_
What if Kim Taehyung from BTS had a girlfriend. What if his girlfriend end up pregnant with his baby. Will Taehyung stay with his girlfriend or will he leave her alone w...
  • jimin
  • heartbreak
  • family
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HE is the best by -MysticUniverse
HE is the bestby MysticUniverse
Behind every daughter is a truly amazing father. He stood at his poolside gazing the stars in the sky as the twinkled in night sky making the dark night more beautiful...
  • arnav
  • arshi
  • parentslove
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Clint family  by BLACKBABYGAIRL
Clint family by BlackQueen
What happens when the man of the house dies....... His son has to step up. ( Mature content)
  • school
  • threesome
  • breeding
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The Silent Alpha (Completed) by NonnieBonnie97
The Silent Alpha (Completed)by Leilani
Victoria has always had a hard time in life. She has no friends and barely has a family, but one day she finds her mate who is the Alpha Werewolf. She learns about her f...
  • sister
  • alpha
  • mother
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The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED} by pruewatkins
The Banished Wolf {COMPLETED}by pruewatkins
Have you ever felt like an outcast? A person who society has turned their back on? If so then you will know exactly how Bianca feels. She was banished from the only li...
  • mates
  • wolf
  • werewolf
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Without You by ashlynmonty160
Without Youby ashlynmonty160
Aubrey Wilson has a huge, kind heart. She truly cares about people and she can light up a room by just walking in. Even though she is small, everyone always seems to fin...
  • doglover
  • quarterback
  • football
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Gwynneth Ever After (an Ever After romance) by LindaPoitevin
Gwynneth Ever After (an Ever Linda Poitevin
Cinderella had it easy. Gwynneth Jacobs? Not so much. Raising three kids on her own while working full time isn't exactly the life Gwynneth dreamed she'd have. But when...
  • love
  • romantic-comedy
  • happyeverafter
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