Mama Mercy [Mercy x Son] by rxp_txpr
Mama Mercy [Mercy x Son]by rxp_txpr
[OVERWATCH MOTHER X SON] Mercy, medic and military soldier, engages in a intimate and passionate love affair with her own son. INCEST WARNING!
  • overwatchmercy
  • son
  • intimate
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More Than A Friend by WonderStorm_666
More Than A Friendby Hope Parton
What happens when your only and best friend is your mother?
  • light
  • love
  • mother
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Envious Blood by lillerkat
Envious Bloodby Elizabeth Snell
The Broadchurch Family was in shambles. Eldric, the head of the infamous vampire family, has been murdered, and now Alastair, Eldric's eldest son, must step up and take...
  • suspense
  • father
  • blood
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Mother of Wolves by estyr_
Mother of Wolvesby Estyr B.
"Mate or not I will put a bullet in your throat,"
  • mother
  • werewolfstory
  • soulmates
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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! by ashantiquijano
Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!by Ashanti Gabrielle R. Quijano
It's about a girl whose memories came back after another tragic accident. She had lots of enemies. Will her old memories help her destroy every single enemy and have rev...
  • love
  • mother
  • sciencefiction
Hate to love by fanficandme
Hate to loveby Fanfic_addict
Park hyung sik is an actor who everyone adores ||atleast that's what he thinks|| he keeps getting death threats that force him to leave to somewhere far away neglecting...
  • poor
  • hatetolove
  • hyungsik
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Marble Inlay Table Tops in India Rameshwaram Arts & Crafts by rameshwaramart
Marble Inlay Table Tops in India rameshwaramart
Marble Inlay Table Tops in India Rameshwaram Arts & Crafts Rameshwaram Arts & Crafts is Manufacturer and Exporter of Ma...
  • carving
  • silver
  • homedecor
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Silver Furniture Best Price by Rameshwaram Arts & Crafts by rameshwaramart
Silver Furniture Best Price by rameshwaramart
Silver Furniture Best Price by Rameshwaram Arts & Crafts Rameshwaram Arts & Crafts are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of...
  • mother
  • marble
  • furniture
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She Rules With a Ruler by catydid52
She Rules With a Rulerby Catharine LJ Parks
Discipline with a yard stick is cruel and installs fear. Not a good way to teach someone their ABC's.
  • ruler
  • fear
  • stick
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A Mother's Love  by MochiYochi
A Mother's Love by Yuwannaaa
Walang hihigit sa pagmamahal ng isang ina. Tama diba? Ang mga nanay natin, handang isakripisyo lahat lahat para sa'tin. They love us to the point na, kahit may sakit siy...
  • love
  • mother
  • sacrifice
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Streaks by HalleyBwalya
Streaksby Halley Bwalya
It's funny how attached people get to others. For some it's their best friend, for some it's their pet. For me, it's the girl I knew to hate but grew to love. My daught...
  • fairytail
  • melodrama
  • mother
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MOTHER2(マザーツーギーグの)  | EarthBound by OskariHeikkila
MOTHER2(マザーツーギーグの) | EarthBoundby Oskari
MOTHER2Es la segunda entrega del escritor profesional Shigesato Itoi. El juego fue lanzado para la consola Super Famicom en agosto de 1994 en Japón,
  • earthbound
  • mother
Love Yourself by Agnotius
Love Yourselfby Akela Agnostos
in which, Min Yoongi (Suga) is your husband and Jungkook is your son and Jungkook is sick, really really sick. all BTS member will apprears, along with other idols or...
  • jungkook
  • reader
  • minyoongixreader
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Himbing sa Ugoy ng Duyan by ronadelbedia
Himbing sa Ugoy ng Duyanby SirRon Bajarias Bedia
Isang pagpupugay mula sa mga Dakilang Ina
  • tulaparakayinay
  • tula
  • nanay
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New foundation live and laugh  by AleyshaHussain19
New foundation live and laugh by Aleysha Hussain
Summary --------------- Asalam alaikum everyone my name is Aisha Choudhry I am 25 years old I have been divorced since 5 years. Thats because when Yusuf was born he wa...
  • yusuf
  • son
  • illness
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Nine-Month by ylezari
Nine-Monthby Ylezari Arzadon
This is for my human clock, my personal chef, my nurse, my teacher, my mother. And to all mothers out there, Happy Mother's day! Thank you and I love you Ma! Love, your...
  • poetry
  • family
  • happymothersday
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Chasing Rainbows (#Wattys2018) by archerysgreatest101
Chasing Rainbows (#Wattys2018)by Deidre❤️
in which a girl needs to find the colors to create her own story, and not let the colors she's been given define her.
  • romance
  • mother
  • motivational
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Unforgettable Love  by bookloveroriginal
Unforgettable Love by Book Lover
The story is talking about young girl named Kelly Grey, who has an evil step-mom, a dad who she can't communicate to him and her first love David, who knows how she feel...
  • change
  • mother
  • boyfriend
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