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Dumped! by XxSassyCynicxX
Dumped!by XxSassyCynicxX
Deana Carter has always been superstitious and cynical. She's always waiting for the other shoe to drop and expecting the inevitable - disappointment. So, when she meets...
Boss Lady (GxG) (COMPLETED) by Nugnug019
Boss Lady (GxG) (COMPLETED)by A. Bautista
Enemies to friends to lovers? Is that even possible? I don't know probably. Celine all through her life no one dare to challenge her. Until one day Morgan is a simple...
The Fourth Roommate by Jinxjinx
The Fourth Roommateby Jinxjinx
"They were like three half-naked supermodels with bedhair and matching movie star grins. What did I get myself into...?." Serena Jones an eighteen year old gra...
Chuuya x F!Reader One shots by Fricknob
Chuuya x F!Reader One shotsby Elise
Hello This is for all my Chuuya simps/fans out there please don't expect grammer and spelling to be perfect Requests are open I will write Fluff Lemon Lime Anything el...
Reincarnation of Murata | Genshin Impact |Siph by Mienai_Tsuki
Reincarnation of Murata | Silent_Cat
A marvelous woman who is no longer part of her world, awakened in a foreign place and unsure of whom to seek help from. Powerful yet destructive, too much for a teenager...
A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
The Lost Salvatore {Elijah Love Story} DISCONTINUED by xAikox
The Lost Salvatore {Elijah Love xAikox
Nicolette Salvatore's' family is dead and buried and she's all alone in the world. Until a family friend tracks some mysterious living relatives down to a town called My...
𝑩𝑳𝑼𝑹𝑹𝒀 𝑽𝑰𝑺𝑰𝑶𝑵✰𝒕𝒂𝒆𝒌𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝒕𝒆𝒙𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂𝒖 by taekookieelove
When taehyung stumbles upon a random profile and decides to make the grumpy boy fall for him. Except...he falls first . ˁᱸᲲᱸˀ TAEKOOKIEELOVE©2019
- 𝑬𝑵𝑪𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑻𝑬𝑫 - || 𝖧𝖾𝖾𝖶𝗈𝗇 √ by choco_uyu97
- 𝑬𝑵𝑪𝑯𝑨𝑵𝑻𝑬𝑫 - || 𝖧𝖾𝖾𝖶 🦋
▪︎ ​မောင့်အတွက်​တော့ မင်းက ဝိုင်တစ်ခွက်နဲ့တူတယ် ​ဂျောင် ▪︎ ▪︎ ခင်ဗျားက ကျွန်​တော့်အတွက် ပ​ဟေဠိတစ်ခုလိုပဲ အီသန် ▪︎ 𝘏𝘦𝘦𝘴𝘦𝘶𝘯𝘨 𝖷 𝘑𝘶𝘯𝘨𝘸𝘰𝘯 ✦ 𝗛𝗲𝗲𝗪𝗼𝗻 ✦
NAKAAB~ My Little Rose  by MysteriousFairy1234
NAKAAB~ My Little Rose by ishita
Everything was going fine in the school teacher's life until one day, she catches the attention of the most dangerous mafia. Please dive in the story to know more.
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A Perfect Fluke by gabycabezut
A Perfect Flukeby Gaby Cabezut
Ella Hall recieves a phone call that will change her life. Her ex-boyfriend, a famous Chef and known womanizer, has just passed away. He left part of his restaurant to...
+♢Jschlatt x Male Reader♢+ (On Hold) by Purpled_flowers13
+♢Jschlatt x Male Reader♢+ (On 💜Purpled💜
No longer on hold Slow updates tho... THIS IS A ONESHOT BOOK SO YOU CAN REQUEST. And this is not meant to offend Jschlatt. If Jschlatt is uncomfortable about this I wil...
The One Who Knows Everything by black_no_heart15
The One Who Knows Everythingby Dante
Kazahana Fuyu, or Kaza, for short is a mage who is 3,000 years old. He was once a hero and loved by many, but Kaza got tired of the constant threat that lingured around...
The Married Life Of An Alchemist And A Captain | KaeBedo by cess_AM
The Married Life Of An Alchemist cess
A Married Life Of An Alchemist and a Captain | KaeBedo | Genshin Impact Modern AU [How To Chase An: Alchemist's Sequel] art by: akichi_hirobiro on twitter! A book to st...
A Glass Of Wine (JuicyFruitSnacks Fanfic)   by MollyStevens819
A Glass Of Wine ( ThatonegirlMolly
x=x=COMPLETED=x=x In this city there are two types of people. The Blood Tears and the ones who belong with the trash. Blood Tears runs this city and everyone knows it. E...
Ella started experiencing pain at a little age, she thought it would stop with her father by her side but he betrayed her trust. She was handed over to the man that brok...
Hannibal x reader one shots by sips___tea
Hannibal x reader one shotsby sips
A collection of one shots about Hannibal. You can give suggestions of plots if you wish too and I may write it. (y/n) = your name (y/p) = your pronouns
The College Professor by Risi-Bisi
The College Professorby Risi-Bisi
Peyton sat in that one college pub she liked, expecting the night to end soon. When she stood next to her Professor at the bar they got talking and she saw an opportunit...
Red wine .... Jungkook ff 21+ by ficflesh
Red wine .... Jungkook ff 21+by ficflesh
" jungkook! what are you doing ?" Y/n stepped back. "I just wanna play with a playgirl" jungkook licked his lips. Jungkook approach her. He put his h...
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There is a girl in the farm who knows how to make wine by prince05026
There is a girl in the farm who Seokmin
Author: Mu Chengxi Category: Through Time and Space Novel Link ; Unlucky for a while, he traveled to ancient times to farm? Nani? ! Jiang...