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Who Do You Love? *CAKE* by talksfast
Who Do You Love? *CAKE*by jessica
calum didn't mean to fall in love with his best friend- it just happened and he never expected his best friend to fall in love with him too.
  • 5secondsofsummer
  • afi
  • michaelclifford
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Social Media- Cake  by calumsthighs
Social Media- Cake by Calum’s Thighs
BabyCalum: Some things are meant to be secret and not to be heard 125k likes 867 comment @lukehemmings: ???????? @BabyCalum: @lukehemmings ??? Or The one were calum and...
  • cakehoodings
  • boyxboy
  • michaelcifford
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Dude, We're Just Broskies || Cashton ✔ by kelliclashton
Dude, We're Just Broskies || meow
In which Ashton and Calum kiss, cuddle and look at each other naked. No homo though. chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in...
  • jocks
  • highschoolsweethearts
  • gay
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He Needs You ( Jolby/Cake ) by bonmonkey
He Needs You ( Jolby/Cake )by bonmonkey
Colby has self destructive mood swings and he needs someone to keep him level when they come around. And it would seem that someone is Jake. ( Honestly there is just not...
  • colbybrock
  • jolby
  • jakewebberxcolbybrock
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Glitter // Cake by 5sosxruel
Glitter // Cakeby lol
Calum though it was over when Luke adopted a kid. That his feelings had fizzled away and he was ready for a new life. A life without him. Being his roommate was hard e...
  • ashton5sos
  • ashtonfletcherirwin
  • cake
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Konnichiwa || Cake ✔ by kelliclashton
Konnichiwa || Cake ✔by meow
In which Calum is a foreign exchange student and Luke is a bit racist. Chapters marked with a + in the title means it's a triggering chapter or has smut in it. Please be...
  • calum
  • cake5sos
  • lashton
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unpredictable. | cake hoodings  by nostalgicfordisaster
unpredictable. | cake hoodings by nostalgicfordisaster
calum is the mvp of the school's soccer team, he and his two best friends are inseparable. luke is a tall lively boy who loves to dance.
  • lukehemmings
  • fanfiction
  • cake
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Cadences [cake au] ✔ by close_as_strangers_7
Cadences [cake au] ✔by Kimmy
cadence//formed by two chords at the end of a passage of music. -perfect cadence//sounds as though the music has come to an end. -imperfect cadence//sounds unfinishe...
  • michael
  • calum
  • cake
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like nobody's watching | cake by copacetiic
like nobody's watching | cakeby *:・゚✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧*
in which luke likes to walk around his apartment in just his panties and calum can't help but watch. - - - - - cross dresser!luke bottom!luke top!cal - - - - - WARNINGS:...
  • daddycal
  • 5sos
  • lukehemmings
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Jealousy  by Jachary_Jolby
Jealousy by Jachary_Jolby
Brolby or Jolby? a story about Jakes Jealousy but little dose he know Colby has a huge crush on him but to distract that he dates Brennen ...
  • taken
  • breakup
  • jolby
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𝔊𝔬𝔯𝔤𝔢𝔬𝔲𝔰, 𝔐𝔶 𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢//𝔠𝔞𝔨𝔢 by CallyCam
𝔊𝔬𝔯𝔤𝔢𝔬𝔲𝔰, 𝔐𝔶 𝔩𝔬𝔳𝔢//� *𝔑𝔢𝔭𝔱𝔲𝔫𝔢*
Luke_900:𝘞𝘢𝘯𝘵𝘴 𝘵𝘰 𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘵 cake Highest ranking- #14Cake
  • romace
  • longdistance
  • calum
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Kidnapped (Luke Hemmings and Calum Hood. No pairings) by xXMrs_All_AmericanXx
Kidnapped (Luke Hemmings and Charity <3 <3
Luke could have cursed himself. Sure, security was annoying sometimes, but he had never ditched them before. And the one time he did... Well, it didn't turn out well. In...
  • fivesecsofsummer
  • kidnapped
  • sad
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The Princess And The Slave | Ot4 by Sparkling_5sosFreaks
The Princess And The Slave | Ot4by ♡Lauren ♡
"I just don't get it, you adopted me and Luke as your sub and yet you treat Luke like he's a princess and you treat me like a slave." OR Where Calum and Ashto...
  • calumhood
  • selfhate
  • completed
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Soulmates/ Jolby by schplove011
Soulmates/ Jolbyby schplove011
What if Colby is a werewolf? What if he's due to find his mate? And what if it's one of his roommates, Jake Webber? How do the rest of the boy's react? More importantly...
  • cake
  • jakeandcolby
  • jolby
I love you~ jolby/cake by MonkeyTai329
I love you~ jolby/cakeby Bannana bottom
"i-i love you..."
  • gayness
  • sam
  • colby
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Calum: bye || CAKE AU by FaithWubbers
Calum: bye || CAKE AUby FaithWubbers
Luke: no one likes u Calum: i love me Luke: i meant- Calum: oh gotta go bye breadstick _________________________________________ A Cake texting AU thingy! hope you guys...
  • text
  • hemmings
  • irwin
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By the Sea [Cake AU] by singnorequiem
By the Sea [Cake AU]by Jules
Calum hasn't ever spent much time on land. His friend Michael convinces him to go out with him one night, and he meets someone who changes his life forever. Luke's life...
  • ashtonirwin
  • bxb
  • wattpride
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I Think I Love You by laciegordy
I Think I Love Youby Muke_Trash
In which Luke is gay, but hides his feelings for his best friend Calum. Or in which Calum thinks he is straight, but has feelings for his best friend
  • gay
  • lukehemmings
  • cake
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Skinny Love (Cara x Kendall Fanfic) (CaKe) by ckeyluv0
Skinny Love (Cara x Kendall ckeyluv0
Cara loves Kendall, and Kendall loves Cara, but neither of them know it or want to admit it to each other. Can fate bring them together?
  • caraxkendall
  • girlxgirl
  • kendall
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My Man, My Admirer (Cake Fanfiction) by surfingcake
My Man, My Admirer (Cake surfingcake
Calum Hood, the bassist from the rock band "5 Seconds of Summer" has feelings for the lead singer of the band. It really isn't something that he should feel. O...
  • 5sos
  • ashtonirwin
  • teammashton
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