Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

Shannon's P.O.V:

I texted Conor as I walked to class. Bit by bit over the last couple of days, I'd told him everything that was going on with me and Lee and Nick and everything in between - both good and bad. He was an objective third party and was exactly what I needed. He'd always listened to me and given advice but had supported me no matter what I chose. He hadn't yet been able to give me anything other than his sympathies for the drama that was my life.  

I was knocked back to awareness - literally - when I walked into a guy carrying an easel under one arm. I muttered an apology as I quickly side-stepped him.  

I walked briskly the rest of the way to the building I was headed for - it was sunny but there was no warmth to it and there was a cold wind. Entering the building, I breathed a sigh of relief at the warmth that enveloped me. I breathed in the familiar smells with a smile as I walked through the door of Ms. Martin's class.  

Everybody else was already seated and Ms. Martin was about to begin. "Good of you to join us, Ms. Doherty."  

I smiled quickly at her as I hurried to my seat beside Natalie, weaving around tables as quickly and as quietly as I could. Nat didn't look up as I sat down, dropping my bag beside me, she just continued to doodle idly on the page in front of her.  

"Hey, how are you?" I asked quietly as I got my stuff out.  

Ms. Martin started to speak but I didn't listen, just stared at Natalie who still hadn't looked up from her desk. I felt my phone vibrate in my lap - no doubt a response from Conor - but I ignored it. "Nat?"  

Eventually she raised her head and I recoiled slightly at the anger in her eyes. "I'm fine" she hissed, "but I can't say the same for Lee; he's absolutely distraught because you broke up with him." She glared at me accusingly.  

"Nat it's not how it seems."  

"Save it Shannon, I told you not to hurt him but you clearly didn't listen did you?"  

It hurt to have her angry with me - a lot - especially since she hadn't waited to hear my side of the story. "I never wanted to hurt him Nat." I tried to let the truth of the statement show in my eyes and voice but I don't think she saw. "But you should have heard the things he said to me and what he said about Nick and Mark" I continued.  

"You never gave him a chance! You were together for four freaking days and don't talk to me about Nick, I saw you two together, I saw the way you acted, and Lee told me he walked in on you cheating on him with Nick and then you broke up with him, even though he was willing to forgive you!" Anger flashed in her eyes and I sat for a moment, dumb with shock as tears welled up in my eyes.  

How could she actually believe that I'd cheat on Lee? "You believed him?" I asked eventually, my voice incredulous.  

She shook her head slowly. "I wouldn't have, I thought better of you but as I said, I saw the way the two of you acted around each other, how you jumped apart as soon as I walked into the room" her voice was bitter.  

"Look at least let me explain my side of the story" I pleaded.  

"Lee wouldn't lie to me."  

"And I would?" I was angry now, she was supposed to be my best friend and she wouldn't even listen to what I had to say.  

"I don't know anymore" she said sadly and with that she produced an iPod out of her bag and turned it on to top volume - I could clearly hear the song she was listening to.  

I had to struggle not to let the tears in my eyes fall. My eyes blurred, I gathered up my things, abruptly standing up and heading for the door. Ms. Martin raised an eyebrow at me as I passed by her desk.  

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