Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Shannon's P.O.V:

I sat on the edge of my bed facing my door, trying to stifle a yawn as my mother babbled in my ear. I'd given up listening about fifteen minutes ago. I heard movement outside my door - the first since I'd come into my room. My gaze shot to the gap between the bottom of the door and the floor as something slid underneath it. I got up and picked up the folded sheet of paper. I slowly unfolded it one-handed as my mother continued to talk at me and looked at it. "Um, mum, I have to go. Sorry, I'll talk to you later" I said in a rush. "Love you" I added as an afterthought, hanging up the phone before she could protest.

My gaze never left the piece of paper held shakily in my hands. It was Nick's drawing. I remembered wondering, not so long ago, what it was he had created but now I realised that I was wrong, it wasn't what he had created as such, but more what he had recreated.  

It was me - plain and simple.  

He'd drawn me sitting in profile to him reading my book with my earphones in and my iPod lying beside me. I had my bottom lip between my teeth, my brows slightly furrowed as I read. One hand played with my hair and my expression was one of utter concentration, and yet soft somehow.  

It was amazing. I hadn't known he was that good; he didn't tend to flaunt his work, he generally liked to keep it private. I could feel my heart beating faster than usual and when I raised my hand to my face, I could feel the smile tugging at my lips. I quickly opened my door to thank Nick, hug him, kiss him...I wasn't sure; I just wanted to be near him. I couldn't explain my sudden reaction, my sudden urge but I followed it anyway. He wasn't in the living room and when I called his name there was only silence. I sighed, feeling my smile drop. He'd obviously gone out. I'll just have to wait, I thought determinedly.  

I went back to my room, leaving my door partially open so I'd know immediately when Nick came home. I sat on my bed and got my laptop out. While I was waiting for it to turn on, I placed Nick's drawing carefully beside me. I loved it and not because it was of me but mainly because of who'd drawn it.  

I couldn't explain even to myself the exact reason why I loved it; there was just something about how he'd drawn it. Maybe it was just the care with which he'd shaded it and his attention to detail; he'd even added in the tiny freckle under my left earlobe. Or maybe it was because I liked that this was how he saw me. It was a...flattering depiction of me; there was an extra softness to my features which I'd never once seen as I looked at my reflection in the mirror, but one he'd obviously noticed (or imagined?) it for him to have added it.  

Whether or not that's what I looked like or if that was what the rest of the world saw, wasn't the point and I didn't care, it was the fact that that was apparently what he saw that mattered and it was that that made my heart flutter.

I brought my attention to my computer screen in an attempt to stop my mental rambling. I opened Google and typed in Ryanair. When I was on the site, I began to look for flights. I filled in the dates that I'd discussed with my mother - before she started to babble - and clicked on Dublin airport. I felt a triumphant smile grow on my face. I'd told my mother again and again that waiting before booking would mean the price would drop. I looked at the figures on the screen in front of me; five pounds a ticket, ten including tax and baggage.  

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