Chapter 55

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Chapter 55


Shannon’s P.O.V:



I rolled over with a yawn, my mind slipping fully into consciousness. I frowned at the empty space in my bed. I didn’t blame Nick for not sleeping in my room; it would have been a bit awkward for him to come in with Conor already asleep. I could understand that. The problem was I didn’t even know if he was home. We’d gone looking for him after I’d given Conor the tour of my room – he’d been surprised that I’d actually handed over half my wardrobe to Nick…he was under the impression that I’d be far too selfish for that – but Nick had been nowhere to be found. We’d put off having dinner for as long as possible but he hadn’t turned up.

I shrugged it off; he’d probably gone to Mark’s. I was hoping he wasn’t too mad about the whole Lee thing, and I planned to apologise as soon as I got the chance – I should have told him about Lee; I realised that now.

I sat up in bed, rubbing the sleep from my eyes, to see Conor already up and sifting through the stacks of art piled on my desk. He was wearing a pair of loose sweats that hung low on his bare hips. His chest was a slightly paler colour than his hands and face but still very nicely built; his abdomen taught with lean muscle.

Though I could appreciate the view (I wasn’t blind after all), I found that the sight of his half naked body did nothing for me – he was just a friend. It was actually a bit of a revelation for me. I’d known all along that I didn’t have feelings for him, but a small part of me had wondered if that would change when I saw him again. Obviously not. I took a moment to marvel at my ability to fall out of love with somebody so thoroughly, before I cleared my throat.

Conor turned to me with a smile; “morning love.”

I stifled a yawn and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. “How did you sleep?” I asked as I pulled one of Nick’s hoodies on over the t-shirt and shorts I’d slept in.

Conor looked at me steadily before glancing down at the makeshift bed we’d compiled for him to sleep on beside my bed. “Alright, but I no doubt would have been comfier if you’d let me sleep in your bed.”

I lifted one shoulder up in a shrug. “I only allow one guy in my bed at a time” I grinned.

He rolled his eyes; “you make it sound as if we would have been doing something other than sleeping.”

I winked at him. “Sorry honey” I said sweetly, “but that ship has sailed.” I sobered up; “seriously though, Nick’s the only guy that gets to sleep in my bed, period, and that rule won’t change; even for you.”

He just ruffled my hair with a laugh as he stepped past me to grab a shirt from his small overnight bag.

I sat back on the edge of the bed and stared at him mournfully. “I can’t believe you have to leave so soon.”

He sighed, “Sorry kiddo, I have work - but don’t worry, we’ll make plans to see each other soon. And for longer this time” he grimaced.

I sighed but nodded in understanding. “Come on” I told him standing up; “the least I can do is give you breakfast before you leave.”

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