Chapter 1

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The Movies Make It Look Easy


I've always been envious of those glamorous women in movies.

The ones that are beautiful and strong and everything always turns out perfectly for them in the end. But, sadly, in real life, I was about to find out that things never go as smoothly...but the real question is, will I still get my happy ending?

After all the drama, fighting and tears, will I come away from this with something to hold onto?

Or will it all have been for nothing?

I guess we'll just have to find out...

Chapter One:

I looked up at the buildings in front of me as the taxi slowed to a stop. I was nervous, but excited at the same time. This is where I was going to be living for the next year.

I'd move back home for the summer before coming back...I was doing a three year art course.

But right then I wasn't thinking about the future, just taking in the sights around me and trying to make my way towards the building that had signs saying 'Main Office'.

It wasn't as easy as it sounds; I had two suitcases and a handbag that my mother told me I could fit the kitchen sink in.

As I walked slowly towards the doors, I looked around furtively to check that no one was watching my 'attempt' to look graceful. Thankfully there didn't seem to be many people around and those who were didn't give me a second glance.

I smiled to myself, my excitement cranking up a notch. I most definitely was not one of those people who couldn't live without attention. Now don't get me wrong I'd never been one of those invisible people who just fade into the background, but I just got embarrassed by a lot of attention.

The fact that no one was staring at me, even when I'd clearly just arrived and probably had that 'new person' look about me, gave me a good feeling about the place...hence the excitement.

"Can I help you?" the secretary yawned looking bored.

I raised one eyebrow, a secretary who sat at her desk painting her claw-like nails crimson didn't seem like she could be much of a help to me.

But whatever...never judge a book by its cover right?

"Eh yeah, my name is Shannon Doherty. I'm new here?" I said politely with a weak smile.

The look of boredom on the woman's face just increased as she began tapping away on her keyboard.

I hope it ruins her nails I thought rather viciously. I really wasn't in the mood for someone who wasn't even trying to be just a little bit polite.

She had short brown hair with streaks of blonde which didn't suit her at all and a round pudgy face, with a body to match. I could tell just from looking at her that she was one of those people who thought they were gorgeous and couldn't take criticism well. But then again, maybe I was presuming too much, maybe she was just having a bad day...

I glanced around the office while I waited, trying not to wrinkle my nose as the smell of the secretary's cheap perfume hit me.

It was a medium sized room with a large desk, behind which sat Ms. Bitch (as I'd dubbed her).

The walls were white with a couple of framed photos hung up of important people in suits shaking hands with cheesy smiles on their faces which didn't manage to hide their obvious discomfort.

I shook my head, I hated fake people. I returned my attention to the Bitch, who handed me some sheets of paper and a set of keys. "Your room number and schedule is on the sheets and classes start Monday"

After a brief pause in which she looked me up and down with a disgusted look on her face like I wasn't worth ground she stood on, she continued. "Oh...and in case you were wondering, the keys open your room" she sneered at me in a duh kind of tone.

I narrowed my eyes at her, what a bitch! Did she really think I was that stupid?

I just nodded before turning and heading for the door. Sometimes I surprised myself. Let's just say that if I'd been dealing with that woman early in the morning before I've put caffeine in my system...I wouldn't have been so patient, and she wouldn't be sitting at her desk smirking at me.

Just before I left, I looked over my shoulder at the Bitch who raised her head, looking extremely pissed that I was deigning to ask her something.


"Umm...I was just wondering about my roommate?"

She yawned again...God this woman irritated me. "There are two to a room...anything else?"

I barely managed to stop myself from rolling my eyes; I wasn't that stupid. Sure I had my blonde moments like everyone else, but I can generally pick up on the obvious things...bitch!

I put on my bitchiest voice, and said, "I know that, I was just wondering who she is?"

A slow, almost malicious smile spread across her face. She glanced at her computer screen before saying; "I'm afraid you'll just have to wait and see, she is in her second year though"

Not quite getting the joke, I slowly nodded and mumbled out a thanks before turning to leave.

As I was closing the door behind me I could hear her laughing.

"Whatever" I muttered to myself, some people were just born bitchy.

I glanced down at the sheet in my hand; it said that I was in apartment number 13.

Wondering whether that was a good or a bad sign, I set off to try and find my room.



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