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Life and Knifes.

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So, I worked at a bookstore this month. :) 


She was tall, blond, with a child, 

And she would have been pretty.

But she had an attitude,

That made me think her silly.

So she asked me for cellophane tape,

I replied, "I'm not sure."

I guess that's when she started to get pissed,

For me being so blur.

Well, pardon me ma'am,

I admit that I am.

So when you asked me for envelopes,

I just used my first plan.

In the last two weeks that I worked,

I've come to realize something.

If you're not sure or unclear,

You confidently say there's nothing.

When she asked me for big, gigantic envelopes,

I thought, impossible, so I said no.

I told her there was none,

But in her mind, I was already blacklisted, so...

She gave me a rebut,

On how I was supposed to understand.

She came back with the tape,

And a seething brain with plans.

She scolded me; I was wrong.

There were some envelopes there.

Only that they weren't big enough,

And she said it with superior flair.

Of course, I got irritated,

I mean, who wouldn't?

She lost, but she couldn't take it lying,

So she told me I couldn't.

So I smiled at her sweetly,

And did her transaction wrong.

While she flipped her blond hair and smirked at me,

I smiled back and took extra long.

Maybe I have an attitude problem,

Maybe this is real life.

But one thing I'm sure,

Is that she's lucky that I didn't have a knife.

I know I'm the cashier,

And I'm supposed to be hardworking and solemn.

But I just can't stand it, 

Hence, I'm writing this poem.  

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