Definition of a Prank.

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The defination of a prank is one of a trick,

Played by someone to make them look silly.

Oh, the prank worked, just like a needle prick.

It made me feel exceptionally chilly.

You see, what you did didn't just hurt me

It scarred me and left me a little scared,

You made a loser and cry on my knees,

For three months, you made me lose a friend.

You accused me of being mean and spreading the news,

I must admit, I'm sorry that i did that.

But your logic of a prank one knows is hard to chew,

I thought pranks were to trick the laid backs.

So, here i am, trying to forget about you and him,

I did, but somehow, i feel that he wasn't in the wrong

You were the one who made me at your whim,

So i took a breath, and "Let's be friends again," I swore.

Now, i don't know whether i'm wronged and wrong,

for i still don't see the reason of your reprimand.

You told me i shouldn't have told so long

But in the end, no one remembered your "Everyone".

Look, now i'm pretty much confused

by your way of scolding me

I guess i necglected to tell you,

when i'm sad, i write that you're mean.

When you thought of pretending,

Did it occur that its something really really loud?

So, by declarikng your relationship by smsing,

I merely helped you gather a crowd.

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