Your Eyes.

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I tried writing a haiku! I've always been fascinated by the way a poet brings through the message with magically choppy words. I hope this is alright. Amelia, you're one person who writes so beautifully, I can only hope my writing is a shadow of yours. This is for you:) ( OH OH OH, it's not about you, it's for you. I tried to write a happy poem, but failed:P) 


Your eyes are pretty.

They are reflective mirrors,

Mirrors that sparkle.

They shine yellow gold,

Your laughter resonating,

As I see your heart.

They glitter silver white,

Your pearly white teeth glowing,

A smile; that’s enough.

They glow jealous green.

A boy snared flirtatiously,

Feminine charms shown.

They reflect red pink,

Ultraviolet rays blinding.

Beautiful enough.

Stop trying so hard.

I see. You see. We see. Oops.

Please just be yourself.

Your eyes are pretty.

They are reflective mirrors,

Those broken mirrors. 

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