You'll be the Prince, and I'll be the Princess.

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Just like any girl my age,

I'm not immune to whatever you say.

You may the prince, and i may be the princess,

but it doesn't mean we'll end up together in the end.

These few days, i've been wandering around the castle,

thinking hard, and hard, and much much harder.

I would pace around my room in the turret,

take a trup down to my garden, dodging midnight rats.

Finally, I gave up and in the afternoon sunlight,

I sat on an old stone and decided to write,

down what i felt so i wouldn't go insane,

thinking about you too much in the day.

Then, i realised that thinking too much wouldn't help,

I just have to let it go, or else

I'll mix everything up again,

Oh, i know that feeling well enough to to say.

Its not that i don't like being with you, my prince.

But with so many things going on, i can't think,

I worry about my gowns, my gloves, my hair

Because i just want to look good for you there.

So i think we'd better stay as friends.

At least we can talk to each other with no plans.

We don't need to worry, or fret too much,

you can then concentrate on your stately affairs with more luck.

Oh, i'm not letting you off that easily though,

my acting skills are better than you know.

Maybe when i meet you at the grand ball one day,

I can dance with you, till midnight late.

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