Hypocritical Swine.

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This poem....is about hypocritical people. Sure, these people exist all the time...but that doesn't mean we don't feel annoyed when they...yeah:)


It is a cold, dark world out there,

Ruthless and cunning, with little or no care.

Everyone in it is a hypocritical swine,

They lie and cheat, but know where's the line.

In this disgusting world, the weak are ousted,

When they cannot cope with what the upper class wanted.

On the outside, we're a pretty gleaming pot,

But on the inside, the ingredients are just not.

They self-praise and try to abdicate,

Some proper rules like not being late.

But honestly, I know what's going on,

Chaos internally, going on for way too long.

I detest it when you're not organized,

Each and everyone of us thinks that its not true.

Yes, we can tell, no use hiding,

Your incapability of soaring or flying.

We may be the lowest in the hierachy,

But we still have a freaking voice you see.

We see things that you try to conceal,

Your slackness is a little obvious, just A LITTLE.

But while we try to empathize with you,

Do you ever think about our blues?

You yourself have gone through these woes,

Yes, we know you overcame them, that you're on the top of your world.

So honestly, this is just a feeling that I get,

Everyday when I walk on the parapet.

So now, maybe, just maybe you can stop your whines.

Because this barn is already full of hypocritical swines.

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