"A Smile."

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Smile when the stars align, and laugh when they don't and walk when they won't.-Got this from an advertisement! Enjoy this!

A Smile:

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a princess. Unlike the many princesses of her time, she was often scorned and left behind in the society because she wasn't pretty. She was average-looking, with pale brown hair that wouldn't curl no matter what and a plain face with a swarm of freckles on her nose. Her eyes were of chocolate brown, and though they weren't magnificently sapphire or emerald, they could flash with a regal light that no other princess could compare. But this beauty of hers was rarely seen, because to top it all off, the King didn't allow her to leave the palace grounds for fear that she might come to harm. So, all their parties were held in the Kingdom, and very few attended it. But the princess lived a simple and contented lifestyle, finding solace in the near-magical garden in the grounds and befriended the guards and the maids. From them, she earned a great deal of respect for she was kind and gentle, not like the other spoilt princesses.

One day, on her sixteenth birthday, the King decided to throw a ball in her name. This time, many came on hearing that it is during this ball that the next crown prince will be chosen. The princes came with high hopes of gaining a throne and the princesses, because of the princes. Meanwhile, the princess was petrified. She had barely interacted with anyone except for her warm, cheery friends and now, she was faced with over hundreds of people.

But on that day, she gathered her courage and donned her birthday present from the seamstress; a silver gown that wrapped around her frame nicely with rosebuds pulling up silk here and there. As she stood in front of the mirror, she tried to collect herself, she was aware of the bustle of noise gathering outside. Its okay, she thought hopefully. My friends will be there with me. It is going to be okay. And she went out.

By midnight, the princess was drained. She had never danced with so many princes in her life, and they didn't seem to care about her. They all seemed caught up in their own lives, or the title of crown prince. Tired, she slipped away to the great spiral staircase to rest, leaning her head against the cool marble of the bannisters.

"Are you alright?" a familiar voice made her raise her head.

It was the archer, a friend she had made when she way young. He was a good one, and around eighteen if she wasn't wrong.

"Yes," she shifted so he could sit beside her. "I'm just tired from the ball."

"Ah," he wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Princes in tight breeches. Yuck."

The princess laughed.

"They do have high hopes though," she said a little sadly.

"Uncaring lads. I presume you haven't had fun?" he raised an eyebrow.

"Fun?" this got another laugh out of her. "Balls aren't meant to be fun."

"Well, i can change that," he jumped to his feet, holding out his hand.

"May i?"

The princess giggled, and took it.

With the melody of the music that wafted through the walls, he twirled her around carefully. But both of them made many mistakes and they stepped on each other feet many times. This got them laughing until the music ended.

"So princess," he smiled as they rubbed their sore feet. "Was that fun?"

"Very." she said shyly.

"Thank you. Its nice having you here."

"I'll always be here princess," he chuckled. "So next time, if you need to have some fun, you can find me." he said, his green eyes meeting hers.

"I will."

The princess smiled, a smile that only the archer could get out of her.

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