The Electrician.

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HELLOS! I experienced a blackout in my house a few days ago, and I was completely in the dark for five hours! Then, at around ten p.m at night, the electrician came and OMG i was so grateful when he put the lights back on! So, this poem is kind of dedicated to him! Um, the whole story thing is completely FICTIONAL because I couldn't resist creating a story AND, i didn't want to only write love poems all the time. Like, love, love, now, we have an electrician! Yay! Enjoy!


He wears glasses, gold-rimmed and wide,

Carries a huge tool bag and a bright torch light.

Probably a blur geek back at school,

Stumbling through halls, unsure of what to do.

He was probably laughed at, bumbling about,

By the popular kids that made those sounds.

Crowned him as a boy with no future,

With no life, no sweetheart, no darling dear.

Twenty years later, in their little posh house,

A sudden downpour led to a certain blackout.

Cold and desperate, with money as no issue,

They called up the electrician as soon as they could.

As they stood there in their silk and italian suits,

They heard the sound of a car, loud and crude.

With utter shock, they saw that same geeky teen.

Now, he looked confident and at complete ease.

With sure hands, he unscrewed the bolts,

Soothed the frightened maid, and bought the boys toys.

Quietly, he explained the reason and the solution,

His hands connecting and forming the connections.

In that moment, the electrician never felt better,

He wasn't dumb and stupid, especially the latter.

He joined the circuits, created a bypass,

Brought the lights back on and replaced the glass.

Then, the electrician left, refusing the pay.

He was helping a friend in need, he said.

Then, he got into his car and drove off,

Happy with his life, and definitely not lost.

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