The Grand Plan.

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This poem was scary. I never expected it to turn out thus. Initially, I couldn't sleep, so I was concocting a new story when I realized that I would never be able to write it out. And, the story was so cool, I had to show it somehow, and I knew that it had became a poem. it's kind of tragic though. Not my style, but there is this....thing about it that reminds me of the fairytales that were first written. Not all had happy endings, by the way. Enjoy!:)


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away,

There lived two girls in a mansion.

Both were stolen when they were children,

Brought up in much terror, fear and tension.

One was of perfect stature,

Blond, blue eyed and pretty.

She was like a bouquet of roses,

The dainty one that was always silly.

Another was slightly shorter,

Black hair, green eyed, not as charming.

But she thought a lot more than the latter,

Often caught with a book, frowning.

These two girls were brought up trained,

For a grand plan in store for them.

At sixteen, there were to set off on a journey,

With a fate no worse than a tethered lamb.

The lands were controlled by a King,

Ruthless, brutal, evil and mean.

They were tasked to bring him down,

And it’s not as easy as it seems.

They were brought up knowing their jobs;

The prettier to seduce, the smarter to kill.

On the night of the darkest blue moon,

The two girls entered the palace in pomp and frills.

The King was no idiot, this they knew,

But if they don’t succeed, trials come.

For the lives of many rest in their hands,

And they had sworn to defeat the evil one.

But the smart one fell in love with the Prince,

And she was torn between the two.

To keep her beloved’s happiness,

Or the old prophecy she must fulfill.

The pretty one wanted to free her sister,

But she was no good at plans.

The smart one knew that it was impossible;

Her mission was to put it all to an end.

So during that time of the new moon,

The pretty one lured the King to his death.

She entranced him with her beauty,

While the smart one set the trap.

In the garden was an old dry well,

Which the smart one overlaid with grass.

Over it, he stepped unknowingly,

He fell through it all, pierced by the shards.

The Prince saw all of this, shocked he was,

They escaped with horses with a head start.

And pursued by betrayal and trust,

The Prince died of a broken heart.

Back in their hometown, there were celebrations,

But the smart one couldn’t enjoy the night.

She stole away from the party into her room,

And tipped the potion that ended her life.

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