"A flower for you."

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Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a girl. She was pretty, with bright blue eyes and long golden hair that cascaded down her back in curls and twists. She lived in the town at the edge of the captial where guards were scarce, and rebels haunted the town. The people who lived in the town were in constant terror, for they were afraid of not knowing if they could live to see the next sunrise.

The girl made a living by selling flowers. Her family descended from gardeners that created many wonderful plants, and myth says that they were once the gardeners of the royal family. The girl didn't care about those myths though. She loved the flowers, but she could never be as perfect as those royal gardeners had been. They were known for their remarkable skills so great, it had been said that they could create living plants out of the dead. The girl loved hearing those stories on her father's knee, about those garderners finding the herbs that could cure sicknesses and the creation of all the concoctions of this day.

One day, while she was planting flowers by the river, she saw a glint of gold amist the brown, baked sand of the riverbed. Curious, she bent forward and pushed the sand aside. It was a tablet, about the size of her arm, painted gold with silver flecks. The girl huffed and puffed as she pulled the tablet out, as it was heavier than she thought. It was nearly midday when she got it out. She washed it with the crystal water of the river and sat down to look at the tablet.

It was amazing, for it held stenciled words and pictures of something. The girl looked harder and realized that the pictures depicted the flowers and herbs found throughout the whole century. It seems as if someone had carved all the findings in gold, and it was probably lost throughout the years. The girl touched the tablet lovingly, and it was as if she could smell the herbs and flowers itself. It was beautiful. When she turned the tablet over, she saw that it was laid with black marble. She looked in horror as the pictures drew out the poisonous herbs that can be used to kill, and the words wrote of instructions of potions. She quickly dug a hole, a deeper hole, and placed the tablet inside. It held light, and dark as well. No one should find such horrifying knowledge. Not even herself.

Years past, and the girl grew into a beautiful woman. Her blue eyes deepened into a lovely shade of sapphire, and her hair grew more golden. She still sold flowers door to door, and she gave them with such smile, her reputation grew past her small town into the capital that she sold the most beautiful flowers of the kindom, and her beauty was of equal as the flowers.

In the Kingdom, the prince was rushed into finding a bride by the Queen as the King was in ill health. The prince had black hair that glinted in cold moonlight, and dark green eyes that shone like emeralds. He had always been good looking as a boy, but as he grew up, more ladies and girls in the court became increasingly aware that the prince was a good choice for a husband. Mamas started putting their daughters forward as choices in hope of their children becoming part of the royal family. The prince didn't like them though, for they lacked something...something he didn't know.

Soon, he heard of the woman in the farway town that sold flowers, and he thought of paying her a visit. Up till then, there were no more ladies he approved of, and the Queen was getting impatient. She didn't understand why he could not marry a princess from another Kingdom, for it would improve relations. The prince, however, felt that he should marry a commoner. It is only then can he truly understand the state the Kingdom was in, and it's only then can the princess know how to rule alongside him. And so, he packed his bags and in the middle of the night, he slipped out and made it for the town.

The town had been ravaged by bandits more often during the few years, and it was hard for all the townsmen to keep on living there. Many left, and few remained. The woman's father had fallen ill, and before he died, he could only give her the last gift he could, seeing that his possessions have been taken away.

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