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The princess, the knight, and the lovely dragon.

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Basically, this was is the first fairytale poem that I have ever made, and its...long, but I like it because it's the kind of fairytale that is overrated, cliche-d yet still simple. Sometimes, love is simple. It doesn't need a twisting plot, or a heart-wrenching edge. All it needs is a knight, and maybe a dragon or two:D


A little princess lost in the woods

An owl on the birch tree giving her a hoot

She wanders around with much uncertainty

With only mushrooms and shrubs to keep her company.

She runs around desperately, trying to get out at night

Jump, skip, run, anything but to fly

She watches each day progress into darkness

Just like her life now devoid of laughter.

One day in the sparkle of the early sunshine

She awoke to find a long stretch of lines

crisscrossing over one another

They seemed to for a line that led to neither

She followed it with a hopeful heart

Imagining knights with valour and calm

And suddenly, without any warning

She burst out of the woods, the magic behind her humming.

A dragon approached her then

its scales gleaming with a shine of ten

With its monstrous tongue and golden eyes

That leered at her and looked not nice.

Then, out of nowhere, a young knight appeared

with a silver shield mirroring the image of a bird

He slashed and wacked and beat it down

Overcame the beast and made it frown.

Thereafter, he brought her back to the capital,

gave her silk clothes and golden bangels.

And showed her to the ball that day

for he loved her so to make her stay.

So, that night she went and danced with the prince,

it turns out that he was only an arrogant twinge,

with no character, backbone or whatsoever

She went back to the knight with a heart so weathered.

The next day, the knight brought her around the town

showed her his friends, the sheep and the cows

She enjoyed herself so much more

She fell in love with the dragon-slaying boy

She told him thus but he refused

For she was of royal birth so he can't pursue

As much as he wanted to be with her

He'd rather her have a happy life here.

It was raining one day, pouring greatly

The princess was out gathering wild raisins.

She slipped down a path into a hole,

where it was dark, murky and cold.

The knight had started to worry with distraught

the princess couldn't be anywhere far off?

He searched and scoured the whole open area

Only to find nothing and so, he settled in prayer.

And then he felt it, the tug in his heart,

a rope that could lead him to his love

He followed it in preciseness and much fear

That something should befall upon his beloved dear

But alas, he saw that she was safe,

just trapped there beneath the rock-like haze,

He pulled her out and brought her home,

for he hath never felt his heart react such so.

Back in the cottage, where she dried

the princess could scarcely believe her eyes

The knight had fretted about her much

He must love her so, to think so far.

She told him then, that she wouldn't leave

him behind, if she had to give

her heart to anyone in the world,

to him she will trust, the sone of an earl.

The knight knew then, that this was it

He couldn't flee from their destiny

So, they got married by the sparkling waters

And so they lived happily ever after.

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