The Prophecy. (part five of the mermaid legacy.)

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Somehow, writing something lets me concentrate more on my studies as when I write, my mind has nothing else to think about. is the cool, ancient sounding part which I love love love love:D


When she resurfaced, she saw,

Her mother worried, standing at the shore.

She clasped her hands and ran to her,

Weeping, saying that she had thought she had drowned in the waters.

The boy saw her, and he shook,

As he remembered the old book.

The story of the Queen with fierce green eyes,

Just like this pair, but more gentle and wise.

The Queen recognized him of course,

For with the tail, he was either sent or lost.

She demanded to know what happened.

And reeled back in shock to know that the girl had learned.

He explained that the girl was the only one,

Who could actually save the mermaids' sons.

The Queen sighed and knew that it was time,

For the prophecy to unwind.

She told her daughter of,

The evil that wasn't lost.

A century ago, it tried to topple the Kingdom,

And now, it was here to bring it to doom.

The King's uncle, and evil sire,

Living in a palace of fire.

Prophecy says that he will rule,

If no one stops and he pursues.

My dear child, She says, I can't

Go after him because I am not of land.

But you, my darling, is able

For birth on land serves as your ladle.

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