Hope for the Soul.

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Well, I was supposed to do a drawing on hope, but I got sidetracked because well, I can't draw to save my life. So, this was the outcome:D Enjoy it!:D


Hope is something prevalent in all of us,

A tiny spark that always last.

Just as it was sealed in the pithos,

It's still there, even as all hell was let loose.

It was said that Elphis can only be,

Released by man, as it seems.

That's why when Pandora opened the box,

It was the only spirit not lost.

Hope is everywhere, anywhere we go.

New leaves sprouting from melted snow.

Laughter in a child who has lost her parents,

Smiles in the old man as he imparts his last lesson.

A rainbow after a terrible thunderstorm,

Letters from those long gone.

Christmas presents under the tree,

Away from pain and sorrow we flee.

Love in teh eyes of one who was hurt,

Wishes upon starts for the learned.

Tossing of coins in a pond of fishes,

Shining droplets of water on wet dishes.

No matter how hard life gets,

Hope never once deserted or left.

It's still there, in the pithos that contained,

All diseases and pain that maime us today.

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