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When i saw your face alight with glow,

It was such a magical moment, you know,

It was like looking at the sun for the first time,

A blind man regaining his sight so fine.

Yes, i know we cannot be together,

You'll hurt me so, and i'll never love forever.

But sometimes, when i just stare at my phone,

I would think about your smses and seize up in cold.

Many times a day, I would think about you.

Worry, fret, care, all but love too.

Though it hurts so badly to deny this,

There is nothing i can do to appease

The chaotic thoughts that swishe through my mind,

each time i see your beautiful eyes

I would put on a big, bright smil,

and pretend that i feel nothing else.

Oh, such spite in my life,

To regret so much yet i still face the knife.

But, as i had said at the beginning,

Nothing would come out of our intimacy

You wave at me as you caught me staring,

I wave back quickly, fearing that you were scaring.

I close up my feelings and confusion about you

And walk forward, grinning too.

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