Broken Arrow. (part four of the mermaid legacy)

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This is part fourrr!:D This part is about realizing, and learning about things you've lost. :)


But I do not know how to swim,

She said, I can't get there on limb.

The boy told her then, to close her eyes and breathe.

Everything will be fine as long as she believed.

When she opened her eyes, oh Lo!

It was the castle she dreamt of, behold,

The splendor and its icy might.

But not it was dark, instead of refracting light.

All around her, mermaids were sobbing.

Their salt tears in the salt sea dissolving.

The girls saw broken ruins buy her left,

She picked up her legs and ran.

She saw a broken arrow saft embedded in weeds,

That seemed to have flown with no heed,

That there was life beneath the surface,

Mermaids that could speak and wear lace.

She felt fury and anger burn within her,

Scorching down the path to her very nerves.

She knew that the arrows would hurt the people one day,

And only she could answer their prayer.

For by some miracle, she was alive.

Even though she was eighty metres deep in their dive.

Only she could keep their secret,

And go against something they feared.

And so, she bade the boy to bring her up,

Back to land so she could try her luck.

At saving the merfolk's lives,

Not matter what cost or what price.

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