Mr Player.

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I've never believed that any guy can actually be up to that standard until I met this certain someone and boy, and I was blown away. I had feared that my stories about players would be exaggerated until I realized how painfully understated they were. Oh, those players do exist. They can twist and pummel your mind in remarkable speed and leave you completely exhausted. I admire their abilities, and I feel sorry for their lives. May the most innocent soul break the player's heart.


Hey Mr Player, I must say I'm honoured,

That you would give me this try.

I thought I'd never had the chance,

To face you before I died.

You see, sir, I've heard about you,

Your lethal, potent ways.

Of course, I didn't believe that, oh no,

To me, all you guys were the same.

But one conversation with you, I applaud,

The skill you employ against flirts.

I jumped into another character,

You followed suit, geared to hurt.

You've surpassed all my expectations,

Congratulations on that win.

You played the game very well,

I didn't stand a chance it seems.

Of course, I never did want the championship,

I merely wanted to test,

The hypothesis I crafted over the year,

And you made the scale, an ounce no less.

I marvel at your cunning ways,

You do seem to know the rules.

Oh wait, I forgot who I'm talking to,

I was made and meant to lose.

Doesn't matter, that wasn't me,

That girl you were talking to.

She was a flirt, a player, the scum of the earth...

Oh wait, am I describing you?

Oh my, I apologize tremendously,

I did not meant it so.

The words just pop in my mind,

And instinctively, I go with the flow.

So, I only have one thing left to say,

You've played a good hand.

You've officially become the next person,

I wouldn't bother giving a damn.

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