That "Love" Story.

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People always have this mindset that we writers are feeling exactly what we wrote about. It's kind of amusing:P Anyway, this poem was, as you can tell, something I was thinking of while listening to a Kelly Clarkson song( I really do love revenge songs.) Love isn't beautiful and perfect all the time. Hence, this poem. :) 


Here’s the introduction,

We started out friends.

Innocent, unknowing little children,

Unaware of cycles and love trends.

Then, there came the rising action,

We both fell out of love.

I was lost, scared and afraid,

I think that’s when cupid gave me the shove.

The thing was, I didn’t’ notice anything,

I didn’t see your plans or your history.

Your tricks, your strategies, or your schemes,

I started liking you, slowly but surely.

Look, I even fell for your stupid love poems,

And I couldn’t understand many things.

My own Mother told me that I was mad,

But to me, it was just an innocent fling.

Soon, we have the ultimate climax,

When you told me that you liked me.

Of course, I was happy and delighted,

For my world was perfect then, it had seemed.

And then, I started noticing things;

Your mood swings, volatile bipolarism.

But it meant nothing to me then,

For I was brought up in a family of mental disorders and sarcasm.

Then, I started hearing things;

Like how you broke the heart of that girl.

And I was like, “Wait, does he really like me?”

So I started to doubt and stop being so sure.

And so, the falling action starts,

I was blind to your faults.

I was raised protected against big bad wolves,

Shielded from reality and ugly thoughts.

I was the perfect game for you,

So sweet, unassuming and innocent.

You couldn’t resist making a hole in my heart,

You couldn’t stop locking me up and taking away my freedom.

Then, your ultimate flaw surfaced:

You couldn’t resist manipulating your toys.

I became your next puppet,

The pawn in your chess game, the grand ploy.

Lucky for me, you got tired soon enough,

So you gave up, dumped me in a corner and left.

I was made to pick up the smashed pieces of myself,

Dig under all the waste and smelly trash.

Thanks to you, I’ve finally stepped into the real world,

I remembered that as I built myself up again.

Oh, I remembered every insult, action, hurt,

And most importantly, I remembered the pain.

When I was done, I sought you out,

And played you to my game.

You didn’t stand a chance against my rules,

You lost, ending in humiliation and shame.

How can I say this? You taught me,

How to guard against animals and hurt.

I shall never be caught off guard again,

By players, flirts, two-faced jerks.

In conclusion, I had changed.

I shed my innocent mind frame,

And came to realize that maybe,

I was built to tear down and tame.

I guess I lost myself in meeting you;

The ability to fear and be all terrified.

I became ruthless, cold, merciless, so,

I guess this is what it takes to survive. 

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