Here we go again.

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 I was having some awesome time listening to Demi Lovato's song, "Here we go again." and DUDE, i'm hooked. SO, this is the ultimate result. It's fictional, and hear the song before you read this, because I think I've got the whole set of lyrics in this excerpt this time. :)

My cellphone rang. I flicked it open and sighed. Not again.

  Not when for the past few weeks, I've been trying to avoid you so badly, trying to chuck you out of my brain. Everyone wonders why I haven't done that long ago. I mean, I could see it, plain as a day, that seriously, you and me? Never. Going. To. Work. But still? I kept on. Why? Don't look at me. I have absolutely no idea.

  I tore up all the pictures we took together, and I threw away everything you gave me. I tried and tried to get you out of my head, because it was useless. For awhile, I had myself convinced. I was so much better of without you, because you were the constant source of my problems. I swore that I'd never let you back in, because doing so would result in what? More heartbreak? I don't think so.

  You never know what you want, and you never say what you mean. All day long, I try and try to guess those elusive thoughts of yours, but heads up, I'm no mind reader. I never know what you're thinking. I never know what kind of games you're playing, and so, that led to my resolution of forgetting you. Completely.

  I ignored all your messages. Once so sweet and endearing, they repulse me now. All those emotions packed together, I thought I was done with you. Seriously, I was. I think. I had no link with you whatsoever, and I didn't care what you did, because you were nothing to me. Why should I care?

  But sometimes, I really reproach myself. I should have known better than to try and let you go, because there was always this cycle. This ridiculous cycle of craziness that seemed to attack me like a persistent arrow of a cupid that never learns. I tell everyone we were through, but I think it was just another pretty lie to keep myself convinced that I was going crazy.

  There is just something about you that's so addictive. You're like a drug. My kind of drug. I start to go insane everytime you look at me. That was not normal. That was definitely not normal. Yet, another reason to break it off with you. A normal relationship didn't drive a person that crazy. But hard as I try, I know I can't quit. We've been through this before. It'll happen again.

  I tore you out of my heart. So how did we end up here again? Back at square one? This was pathetic. I admit it, you're driving me insane. Maybe I shouldn't have let you go, because when I do, I start another round. How many rounds have we had already?

  Too many to count.

  You only hear half of what I say, and you're always showing up too late. I should say goodbye, shouldn't I? But wait, it's no use, because all that ever happens is a repeat. Sometimes, I wonder if there were some external forces playing us like little puppets. If there were puppeteers, they definitely hated me, because they're torturing me.

  The phone rang again. Again, and again, and again.

  I sighed, and opened it.

  I could never resist.

  Here we go again.

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