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I am one sadistic girl, I admit that. And this is a product of my mortification at the cruelty of the world. 


Once upon a time,

In a land far, far away,

There lived a princess,

Who had nothing to say.

She was blessed at birth,

To get everything she ever wanted.

And so she did,

With no obstacles or problems.

Then the princess grew used to,

The many gifts that she had.

If she lost to others, she couldn’t take it,

She pricked herself until she bled.

Then, she realized her folly,

And wondered why she was hurting.

Why hurt herself,

When others can be the ones suffering?

So she made it her personal plan,

To outsmart any being in the Kingdom.

No one could be better than her,

For she was the best; full of wisdom.

Then one day, a girl appeared,

Prettier, better, and more beautiful.

The princess could not take it,

So she started the plan to fool.

She wanted the girl dead,

For no one should be better.

She set to poisoning the food,

As death served on a silver platter.

Now, the girl was from a farm,

Several miles from the capital.

She had grown up working for her food,

And saving for her tales.

She knew the rewards of hard work,

For at birth, she had nothing.

So she strived and toiled under the sun,

To transform dust into something.

So now, she was in this land,

With only hopes and dreams.

She had dreamed of this for so long,

And now, its finally within reach.

The princess was determined to silence the girl,

For nothing must threaten her.

So she sent the food to the girl,

Pretending to be a kitchen maid to serve.

The girl was once a maid,

And she knew the job was hard.

So she prepared some wine,

And stored it in the vase.

She wanted to let the maid enjoy,

A little before she went.

One good deed precedes rewards,

And the money was well spent.

So the princess entered the room,

With devil in her heart.

She wheeled the poison,

And stopped with a sudden start.

The girl then offered the princess wine,

And the princess drank.

After all, she was of royalty,

And way above in rank.

In the drunken stupor,

The food was mixed.

The plates were switched,

And the plan was hitched.

So the princess died of her poison,

But more of her jealousy.

For her envy,

Had made her a blasphemy. 

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