Rebellion at Society.

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Okay, so I have a free period because I don't take chinese anymore, so why waste it? This is a really boring except, but it's like my training for the next story I'm going to write when I'm done with Valentine's Day, so it kinda gives you a hint:) Enjoy this little trivia!:)

  She felt the cool pane of the window freeze the skin of her arm, raising goosebumps and she pressed her cheek against her palm. It was such a cold day. Eliza didn't like it. It was too cold. The rain was too heavy, and the sky was too gray. What a day for a ball. She didn't feel like going at all.

  "Eliza! Time to get dressed!" She heard her maid, Catherine, sing out as she laid her clothes on the ebd.

  "I don't want to go, Catherine." Eliza said stubbornly.

  "It is a must. Your parents were so delighted to see you back in England, and it'll be horrible to disappoint them," Catherine insisted.

  Eliza sighed and got up, trudging to the bed.

  "They don't care about me. They just care about the ball."



  Eliza didn't mean to insult her parents thus. She knew the real meaning of the party-a quest to find a husband for her. She didn't want a rich husband who was the Duke, or a Lord. She wanted Edmund.

  But Edmund wasn't here.

  She didn't want to go. Sighing, she bent down to examine her dress.

  "No way am I wearing that," She gasped.

  "Yes, you will. It's the plainest dress in the wardrobe. You will not want me to choose another," Catherine said promptly.

  That was, of course, untrue, but Catherine knew that Lady Eliza would look beautiful in the dress. If she wasn't so adamant about how pretty she was, she would have sailed through the ranks of society a long time ago.

    "I don't believe you."

  "Eliza, we only have three hours left. I want to see my family too. Let's get you ready, and then you can sulk." Catherine said.

  Eliza blew at her yellow strands of hair.



  "Come and look in the mirror," Catherine said excitedly.


  "You look wonderful!" She repeated.


  "Eliza, you have to see yourself," Catherine said sternly.

  Eliza sighed. She wouldn't see herself. She would see a girl who was forced into a revealing dress and hair that was too perfect. That was not herself.

  "Eliza, I need to go." Catherine said. "And I won't leave until you're happy with your appearence."

  "I won't be happy as long as I am in this dress." Eliza knew that Catherine didn't have to go.

  It was all a ploy, as usual.


  "Oh, fine. I'll go see how disgusting I look."

  Eliza got up reluctantly to stand in front of the big mirror.

  "Oh my goodness!" Her hands flew up to cover her face.

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