Love Is No Fairytale.

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So i decided to write again. I missed this. :) 


Sometimes, a feeling is just a feeling,

Until emphasis is placed on it.

So, my dears, if you’re trying to avoid trouble, 

Don’t go around broadcasting.

Humans are humans, and we change our minds,

Even if we try to stay on the path.

But the temptation is hard to resist,

And before you know it, the present becomes the past.

Love stories blossom unwittingly everyday,

And it is by choice, do we let it continue.

Sometimes, the epic romances slip past our fingers,

Simply because we don’t want someone new.

Sometimes, the feelings are too flippant,

Or it’s the rejection from society that affects us.

In any case, not all love stories come true,

And even the ones selected never do last.

I think it hurts a lot when you have to pretend,

Pretend and lie that you don’t love someone.

Actually, I’m starting to get convinced that being in love is,

A complete chore; enjoyable to few, and tiring for some.

But then again, life is no fairytale.

We can’t all go after our fairytales and dream of happy endings.

I’m starting to understand that,

And I’m taking it with dignity that’s really surprising.

Maybe we’ll meet again in a million years,

And this time, we might just be fated.

Maybe this time round, I’ll meet you first,

And I’ll be able to love you with no rules stated.

So to you, my unnamed almost lover,

If you even exist, that is.

I hope you know that I have thought of you,

And I beg you to be happy, please.

I believe in happy endings. They still exist, I’m sure.

And maybe our love story in a million years won’t be so sad,

But until then, I can only say that, 

I like you, but I won’t ever tell. Too bad. 

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