Shine Like Some Star.

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So, I got bored again. I love the fact that during the exam period, you just get all the retarded ideas again. Anyway, this poem means a lot to me, because it represents every insecurity I had in the world, and I'm sure I'm not the only ones who feels this way all the time. Enjoy!


You are always making me feel horrible,

Telling me that I’m never good enough.

You say that I suck, and I’ll never make it in life,

Because I’m too fragile, and life’s too tough.

You always make me feel like I’m nothing,

Not worth talking to, not worth looking at.

You have those friends who bring benefits to you,

And I’m just some useless piece of trash.

You always use me as a comparison against yourself,

Because I make you shine like some star.

You use my flaws to make yours look pretty,

Then lock me in a dungeon in some land afar.

You are always telling me how perfect you are,

And that I’ll never be as good as you.

You’re always ready, sure and competent,

While I’m always blundering around like some fool.

But hey, I got a message for you:

You’re no one to me, at all.

Who cares about what you think?

When all you can do is show off.

Yes, I’m not as pretty or as perfect as you,

But I’m living my life so much better.

I don’t let guys trample over me,

Or leave my hate in spite letters.

I don’t have friendship problems like you do,

And I don’t lose myself in my glory.

Neither do I look down on my old friends,

Nor do I accept the thanks and forsake the sorries.

So listen up, I have something to say to you.

I may be nobody now, but you better watch out.

I’m going to make it big in this world in the future,

And when that happens, don’t come crawling to my house.

I will live my life to the fullest,

Because I know how to treasure every moment.

I will smile and laugh everyday,

Keep each and every opportunity golden.

Because all you’re ever going to do is insult,

I can see that happening forever.

So carry on living your sad, twisted life,

And success for you is always a never.

I am going to be a star one day,

And you’ll be sitting in the back row.

I’ll be in the spotlight, enjoying my moment,

While you’ll be all spiteful and slow. 

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