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This was for another friend. I had literally dreamed up a fairytale for her and um..the guy and this was the outcome. The longest fairytale I wrote yet! Enjoy!


Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a girl called Yivette. She was beautiful, with sleek, black hair the cascaded down her back and pretty brown eyes the colour of chocolate. She lived by the seaside, where the sun was always shining and everyday, when the tide came in, it would bring along food for her. However, Yivette never met her parents and she had no company except for her dog that was the same colour of the pristine sand that stood outside her doorstep. One day, she resolved to make her way into the capital, to find out her past. And so, she donned a simple dress and packed only a few silver coins before departing her sea to find her destiny.

The journey was hard, for Yivette had never stepped outside her ocean. She suffered much hardships, and many times, she felt like giving up. One day, she was travelling down a hill when she took a great tumble down. Thankfully, a large, fallen tree trunk broke her fall halfway. Yivette got up, feeling the bruises painfully and try as she might, she couldn't stop her tears. She had no one to depend on, and she was lost in this terrifying world. Then, her dog came bounding after her. It licked her on the cheek and woofed gently.

"Don't cry, my lady," it said.

Yivette blinked in surprise. Her dog just talked to her.

"You...you can talk!" she stuttered.

The dog licked her again.

"You have to continue," it woofed. "You are close there already. You can do it, my lady." it said encouragingly.

Yivette nodded. She would continue. She would find her true parents.

Meanwhile, in the capital, there lived a boy. He was the baker's son, with black hair and brown eyes the color of leaves in autumn. He was named Richard, and day in day out, he would work at the bakery, baking the most wonderful, softest bread with the most irresistible aroma. One night, he had a strange dream. He dreamt of a girl, with dazzling brown eyes and she wore a white dress. She was struggling down a treacherous hill, when she fell. Richard wanted to go and help her, but he couldn't move. He could only watch in despair as she skidded to a stop in front of a tree. Then, he saw a dog the colour of the sun run down towards her. The girl nodded, then got up again. When Richard awoke, dawn had barely broken. He stared at the rising sun in puzzlement, wondering how was she?

Yivette was just out of food the day she saw the great white stone walls of the citadel. She cried out in joy and hugged her dog, who had not spoken since the day she fell. They had made it! Tired and hungry, she walked in unsteadily, a trife afraid of the people. However, they barely paid any attention to her. Quickly, she dodged into the nearby bakery she could find. The smell was so inviting and she pushed open the door, following the smell of the bread. The door tinkled and she stood there, amazed at the simplistic beauty of the bakery.

When Richard was younger, the tinkle of the bakery door made him happy, as it brought the promise of customers and more silver for his family. However, that feeling died off after a while, when his parents passed away and he was left to fend for himself only. Money no longer became important and he no longer saw happiness in another customer. However, when the door tinkled this time, he felt a little change in the atmosphere, as though there was some disturbance. He dusted the flour off his hand and went out, then skidded back. Standing at the door was a girl looking in awe at the shop. No, it wasn't just a girl, it was the girl he had dreamt off so many nights ago. She looked a little more ragged, and a little thinner but still the same girl.

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