The Simple Way of Love.

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Rain falls down as i pressed my face,

hard across the freezing window pane.

I sighed and turned my muscial box off,

this isn't working, my legs feel too soft.

Is it from dancing too hard,

or because the news is tough,

to bear on this cold, bleak day,

with not much help from the soothing haze.

My heart alternates between high and low,

whether to believe you fully with my soul.

I glance at the tapestries on the walls,

of you, the knight, chasing after the falls.

You look so brave and strong and fearless then,

chasing after dragons and sphnixes when

I met you then, you saved my life,

took me back to palace in the morning light.

Against my will, i undoubtly fell

in love with you, when you refused to sell

me away, in exchange for your freedom,

from those ghastly pirates who kept you in the tomb.

You took care of me and told me the story of the lights

to make me feel better on those cold, hungry nights.

it was so refreshing to be treated like that,

not as royalty, but as a normal friend.

Back in the palace, you told me that

you had to go for a war, just clad

in your silver chainmail and helmet, yes,

i started to worry, for you were always the best.

The rain suddenly stopped, i glanced outside,

to see a figure trudging up the line,

that led to the front gates that shone in silver,

you weren't unscathed, and maybe even muddier.

I ran out of the palace grounds, desperate to see you

You were safe, and its all that matters too

I flung my arms around you and hold you tight,

I didn't want to let go, even till late at night.

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