First Love.

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HELLO! I was trying to capture the raw emotions of life, so I'll be pretty much writing about really simple but strong emotions. This, is my first poem. (about that, of course) Enjoy!

"When I was thirteen, I had my first love..."

Nah, just kidding, I just like that verse.

My story starts a year before, I guess,

I was twelve I think, a year no less.

He was the funniest guy in tuition class,

Sitting diagonally left, the row that's last.

Hey, he was pretty good-looking then,

Tall, well-built, lean with a nice flair.

At first, I paid no attention to him,

Just another classmate, it had seemed.

But as you know,  the magic starts to kick in,

With all the infatuation, drama and making scenes.

The minute he steps into class, I'm hyperaware,

Of his movements, his words, his perfect hair.

One thing I liked most was his sense of humour,

After each lesson, I would stall, to go home later.

There was one point where I was frightened,

Terrified by my crazy emotions.

I would pray to God to take away my feelings,

To stop dreaming about him and go back to sleeping.

Right now, looking back and remembering his face,

I muist admt...I had good taste.

Nah,  just kidding! I never regretted liking him,

Experiencing your first infatuation was the sweetest thing.

Now, he's all cool and suave,

With the muscles...and cool hair, I must say.

I bet he's still as popular with girls,

But four years ago, he was my first love.

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