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  OKAY THIS WAS SO INSPIRED by tabitha:) seriously, you look like a mermaid, and I didn't want to write an emo excerpt today because I'm listening to LittleHouse by Amanda Seyfried and SERIOUSLY, it was so matching. So, I wrote this mermaid-ish thingy:) heehee:)

I feel free.

  In the water, with nothing to care, nothing to lose, I am free. I never met anyone on my trips, and sometimes, I just lie in the water, soaking in the warm rays of the sun that merged with the cool shifts of the ocean. No one ever saw me. The ocean was my peace haven, and I was free in it.

  It was never like this. Years ago, I was bound by mortal shackles to the earth, away from my home, away from my family, away from everybody. I was tortured in a living hell, being forced away from my ocean. Everyday, when I step on the dried up ground, I feel the ache of my lack of water, the pain of the trodding with legs. Every night, I would cry and ponder why I had to lead such a life.

  You see, many years back, I had stolen a golden coral from the gardens of an old woman. That golden coral was the coral of life, and when I took it away, I had upset the balance of life and all in the Kingdom. I had realized my foolish folly soon enough, but I had to be punished. The old woman, the remarkable Oceanica, had put a curse on me, a curse that would separate me from my beloved home for a long time.

  Everyday was a painful day. No amount of salt water, no amount of soaking in the pools can quench my thirst of the seawater. But I was bound to never step foot in my home until someone could break my spell. It was said that he was the one, but he was in the ocean. How can he save me, if he was in the very place I was forbidden to be in?

  But he came anyway. He came one night, and gasping for breath and bleeding on his side, he  tried to free me from my curse and bring me back into the ocean. He carried me when my legs refused to change back into the golden tail I once had, and he shared his breath with me when my lungs couldn't take in the seawater.

  He brought me back to intercede on my behalf, to tell them that I had truly changed, to tell them to put me out of my misery. I never knew someone whom I loved and was loved more. That night he touched my heart, my curse was broken forever,  

  Now, I was back in my home. My golden scales sparkle even brighter in the clear water when the sun was up casting its yellow-red rays, and no matter where I was, I never felt the same pain I felt on land again. I loved to swim through the castle, relishing the powerful sweep of my tail as I drifted by schools of fish. Sometimes, I would visit my prince in his room where he tended to the folk of the Kingdom, and sometimes, I would swim to the surface and lie in the warmth, basking in the ever glory of the ocean.

  Sometimes, when the moon was high in the sky, I would swim to that flat rock that was inlaid with crown jewels and gemstones and climb above it, combing my black curls with the coral brush. Sometimes, I see sailors from afar. They wave at me, and shout things at me, and I understand them. But I didn't want to return to my past, so I pretend I don't, and I just smile serenely at them, combing my hair, flicking my golden tail.

  They carried stories about me back to their land after that, and I still hear snippets of them from the shore. I was the only maid who dared to venture to the surface of the sea, so the stories had to be about me. Even though centuries have passed, the stories stayed the same. I miss life up there sometimes, but I never did mind not going back. I belonged in the ocean.

  I was free.

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