Kings and Queens.

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When we were at the age of even,
Every playground our mommas brought us to was heaven.
We would scour the deadly slides and ropes,
climb up the treacherous monkeybars with treasure hope.

You were my best friend back then,
We didn't care about some great plan.
That ruled that a biy and girl must fall in love,
to date and kiss and end up on the aisle kissing my glove.

We had our fun playing kind and queen,
ordering our minions to fetch us chilled drinks.
We would go exploring in my backyard,
then run screaming as a lizard lost its part.

But then, we had to eventually grow up,
You became fascinated with football and hiccups.
I grew to dissolve myself within books,
Without knowing, we started to drift in a loop.

At ninth grade, you became more popular with girls,
yet by some miracle, you still remembered my frills.
You took me to our first prom then,
brought me to the highest tower when i said, "can".

Not that i'm not happy with us right now,
I just like to take a long trip back down.
When we were still the princess and the prince,
Playing tag, hopscotch and soda jinx.

Our lives were definately less stress-free then,
no worries about us hugging or holding hands.
How i wish that we were still little kids,
Pretending to be the king and queen.

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