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The Dream. (part 1 of the mermaid legacy.)

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Hello! This is the longest, long, long, long poem I've ever written in my life, and it isn't even finished yet, so I shall break it up into parts. Ultimately, the title of the poem was supposed to be The Mermaid Legacy but...maybe I got a little too ambitious. So, this is the first page out of the six...er...incoming pages. :) So, this part is called the dream. :)


Once upon a time, in a land far far away,

There lived a girl living by the waves.

She had golden hair the colour of sand,

And eyes the colour of muddy land.

She livede alone with her mother,

Who never spoke anything about her father.

Their lives were easy and content then,

Until a letter came, a pink envelope that someone sent.

It came from a place she has never seen before,

When she shook it, corals fell off.

Her mother had gone all misty eyed

She ran down the shoreline just to cry.

That night, the girl had a dream,

It was cold and dark, underwater it seemed.

But then, not a mile away,

A white castle lit up, seaweeds to sway.

The moonbeams cast its watery lights straight down.

Making it mysterious, like a princess' gown.

It had crystal mirrors encrusted with diamonds,

Corals that stood ten metres high in the garden.

The girl awoke, gasping for her breath,

As if she couldn't breathe in the air up there.

She pulled on her cloak and ran down the shore,

To think about her dream, and ponder about folklore.

And then, she saw it, a tail,

That could fit no one but a whale.

Unless, of course, it was a mermaid,

That did not exist in the world that's made.

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