"Thank You."

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HELLO! this is the shortest fairytale I kinda wrote, and its the sweetest too. Like, yeah. Its just a simple thing, but I love it!:)

Thank You:

Once upon a time, there lived a princess a long time ago. She had everthing she ever wanted, for she had the most beautiful palace in the world. Her palace was filled with the most precious stones in the world and she had the maids and palace guards for friends. Her hair was light brown, wavy at the ends that cascaded over her shoulders, and she had the prettiest brown eyes ever. She was grateful for her life, and on her eighteenth birthday, her father had thrown a ball in her honour. Everyone hath been invited, including her childhood friend.

No one knew this, but she had a secret tendre for that friend. He was sweet, nice, and everything she had ever wanted. But as she grew up, she knew that he loved another girl. He was her friend, but he never knew what she thought. Her thoughts were kept only to her, and no one else. But when he asked her for ways to court a girl he loved, it hurt her beyond comparison. There was nothing she could do; love was never the idea for marriage, and as her father said, she would use the ball to find a proper husband.

But as the ball progressed, the princess was beginning to feel less and less sure about her betrothal. The princes were obnoxious and they only cared about themselves. Her friend was also having a lot of fun, dancing with the other ladies in the room, leaving her alone. As they progressed towards midnight, the princess managed to take a breather by the side.

"Having fun yet?" her friend slid onto the seat beside her

"Yes." she smiled weakly, her heart pounding. Why, of all the times, he chose to look exceptionally handsome on the day she had to pick er betrothed?

"Me too." he flashed a devastating smile. "Especially," he turned her to a pretty blond lady. "That lady over there. It was amazing dancing with her."

The princess tried to muster a smile but she couldn't. She felt tears coming on before she knew it, and she felt something in her snapped.

"Why are you so blind?" she whispered.

She turned her back on him and ran out, feeling so distraught and tired. She stole away to the garden to wallow in self-pity.

The garden had always been as beautiful like the rest of the palace. She slumped over towards the stone benches that were lit by dim lights and the single, lonely. There, she let her tears flow freely. All her kept anguish and sadness came out in the form of large, glassy tears and she never felt more sad. She wept till everything was out and she felt much better.

"Are you alright, princess?" a voice asked.

The princess jumped in shock and spun around. It was one of the princes whom she haven't danced yet.

She wiped away the tears quickly and swallowed.

"Yes." she said quickly.

The prince strode over in large strides and sat down beside her.

"It doesn't seem so," he said gently.

And everything came over again. She turned away from her so he wouldn't see her tears.

"Do-do you ever know someone, someone who you like so much yet they are completely blind to it?" she asked.

"No." the prince said. "But i can guess you know."

The princess sniffed.

"I never knew it would hurt so much." she said before the onslaught of tears came again.

She barely took in the fact that the prince drew her around and held her hand tightly. It wasn't much, but the friendly grasp of his hand calmed her down enough to stop crying. When she did, the prince smiled and he wiped her tears away softly.

"That's better," he teased. "You don't look nice when you cry."

The princess managed to crack a genuine smile.

"Thank you," she said gratefully.

The prince shook his head.

"You are different from any princess I've known." he said thoughtfully.

"Are you betrothed?" she asked curiously.

"No. I don't believe in betrothing myself to someone i don't love." he said.

"And who doesn't love you back." she added quickly.

The prince laughed.

"And that." He adjusted his tunic carefully. "You are filled with sadness, princess."

"I am."

"Perhaps, i can help you." he asked.

"You cannot."

"How do you know? For one, i helped to make you feel much better now." he pointed out.

The princess sighed.

"I never meant for anyone to see that." she said.

"But here we are. I'm not asking to help you as a suitor, but as a friend. Would you grant me that?" he asked.

The princess regarded him carefully. She never thought of that, but maybe he was right. Maybe he could help her get rid of her pain. There was no hope in loving her friend, and he can help. She should give him a chance.

"Alright." she smiled. "I will."

The prince beamed.

"I promise you, princess. I will help you."

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