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OMG I LOVE THIS POEM. THIS IS MY NEW HAPPY POEM OF THE DAY! I got inspiration from the song, "Fearless" by Taylor Swift, a little talk my Chemistry teacher gave us, the perfectness of that day, and dancing in pointe. This poem...I want to give this to my friend who has always been there encouraging everyone, and somehow, the poem suits you, Nicole. So, here you go!


It is to smile in the smirk of danger,

Slow down when we need to go faster.

It is to stop in the middle of crossroads,

To think about which way to go.

It is to ignore the whispers and to stand out,

To push away the thopughts and just be loud.

It is to be the slow amongst the fast,

To smile in victory even when you've lost.

It is to dare to raise your hand in moments of doubts,

To admit you don't know, and not just sulk.

It is to believe that nothing is too small,

To love to run and to be unafraid to fall.

It is to put on those wooden shoes and love to dance,

Not because you want it, but that you love it as it's much fun.

It is to close your eyes and wish upon a star,

Even you know you may fall out far.

It is to close your eyes and balance on the beam,

To face life without making it as difficult as it seems.

It is to be brave enough to take the first bite,

Of that alien dish with desire of flight.

It is to be able to lvoe no matter how many times,

You fall out of love and cry tears of lime.

It is to be able to dream no matter how dashed,

Your hopes may be when they're gone in a flash.

It is to stand up and love whoever you please,

To listen to your heart and not let him leave.

It is to dance in the storm in my favourite dress,

To believe in love, hope, magic and be fearless.

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