Never Told.

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Sudden inspiration while staring my Chemistry Paper. I miss writing bout love stories!:D


People tell me that I think too much.

I think I agree with them.

People tell me to stop my heart,

But it just won’t give a damn.

It jumped three miles when it first saw you,

I tried to put it under control.

But of course, that won’t do,

It just breaks free and rolls.

Down and down the hill it goes,

To places I’ve never seen.

Sometimes it goes too far and slow,

I can’t pull myself back up the cliff.

With you, especially, it runs faster,

From fear, terror, I’m not so sure.

It ducks out from the crowded rose cluster,

It feels adrenaline, maybe, but definitely not love.

In any case, don’t worry, it won’t get you.

I’ve got it under a chain, safe and secure.

This time, I’m determined not to let it loose,

Because another heartbreak; I’m not going to endure.

You’ll never know who you are,

Trust me, I’ve got it covered so.

So don’t mind me, don’t think so far,

For this love story was never told.

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