The Mind.

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HELLO EVERYONE! this poem was something I wrote during er...literature lesson:) it's basically just about the complexity of the mind, and how you can never be sure of some stuff. I wanted it to sound crazy, because the mind is never a sane place. Many things happen at once, many things are realized at once, many things are dreamed at once, many things are wished at once. So, honestly, if you look at it logically, how can it be sane? HAHAH i'm not making any sense too. ANYWAY, this poem is dedicated to CLARA! because you were beside me when i wrote this poem and you gave me LOADS OF INSPIRATION for me to continue!! Thank you so much for them! :D


Topsy-turvey, up down swirly.,

The mind is a place of dread and dreary. 

An endless pool of raging waters,

The brilliant sun churning sands that's hotter.

Double-taking, over-analyzing,

Millions and billions of flags fluttering.

Crazy shaped balloons and shiny shoes,

Pretty boxers, happy weepers, all shivering in the cool.

Calm and serene sometimes, sweet smelling boots,

Brave spurts, silent laughter sobbing like hoots.

Gentle and tall, rough and small,

It's evened out in the corners of four.

Other times, weirdly loud, never whisper never shout,

Soft and tiny, mean and vixen ready to just give a clout.

Masks of colours, hats of a thousand,

All ready to leave and jump into an accident.

Beautiful colours, ultraviolet blue and green and pink,

Lime blue, gentle red, a loud brown that's lean.

Wobbly but sturdy, shaking like a mirth,

Knives that's soft and cotton and cloth ready to hurt.

Endless, infinite depth and length, breadth,

Choppy sentences screamed in many short breaths.

Hullaboo shorts and shrilly tops,

A soft scream and a quiet gun shot.

This is the beauty of the mind,

Puzzling, illogical, unable to sublime.

But it slowly melts under the intense pressure,

Never wrong, but never too sure.

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