My Life.

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Once upon a time,

in a land far far away

my life was meaningless

soft with despair

I tried to find my way

through the dark dark grave

pin and hope and plea,

but i never seemed to find a way

to save my day from grief.

But I know that there is hope in me

a book with pages you see,

probably filled with fairytales

and maybe even a key

that would unlock my heart's desire

and wash away my woes

but i turn and turn the pages

and nothing ever shows.

I closed my eyes

and fell asleep

and met a nice fairy

She had golden dusted silver wings

and a soft halo with twigs

She came to me and told me that

my life is very special

it cannot be found in the pages

it cannot be found in the book

Some lives are unique she says

so they're one of a kind

so we have to add it straight into

the never-ending lines

I woke up then

and with a shock

I saw a pen and paper

a blank page in the book i have

waiting for me to clear

So i wrote and wrote

and thought and thought

creating drafts and plans

stenciling in my careful words

thoughts and plans and chance.

Then i thought,

I am scared

what if they come after me

then i stopped my pen and

closed my eyes

and fell straight back to sleep

Another fairy came to me

with pink and blue wings now

she held my hand real dearly

and told me with no sound

That if I'm scared of everything

what kind of life mine would be?

Full of fear and unhappiness

meaningless it would be.

So why be afraid

to write it down,

when they would not know?

Just change the names

and change the words

and not a soul would know.

Words are a powerful thing

so treasure this thing you have.

Its a magical thing

and it will last forever, maybe even ten.

Then i woke up

with a great big shock

and now i know what i'll be.

I take my pen

and stencil in

my life's great story.

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