His Thirst.

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This poem is basically about this scenario where this girl is seeing yet another poor girl fall to the clutches of the same player that broke her heart. I like the way she tries to convince everyone that she's fine, when she really isn't. No one can say they forgive a guy that screwed her life up, and I made this poem such to bring out her self-denial, and her hope that he get's his retribution soon. In short, she's just not over him actually:) HAHAHAH, isn't it cool? I love writing poems about inperfect people. Besides, this has direct link to my story, 'Valentine's Day'. (hint hint) :D Enjoy!


You come into class with that smirk on your face,

Flicking your manicured fingers even when you're late.

No, honey, I didn't miss the look you shot at me,

I'd recognize that smugness before happiness leaves.

Because, darling, I've been there before you dear,

And I understand that the spell renders you unable to hear.

Oh, that besotted look, that dreamy gaze,

I know that you're in love just by looking at your face.

Two months ago, or was it three?

I was carefree, happy and unbelievably fine!

But my mistake came when I saw him...

Oh yes, he's still the same, no change to any limbs.

I wished that I had yanked out something though,

As payback for screwing up my life as easily as a waterflow.

But I got over it soon enough, wasn't a big deal,

I mean, c'mon, this guy is a complete fail.

So babe, I know that you're delighted at 'stealing',

That rat from me; Yes, I know that feeling.

But please, when he's showering you with love,

Scratch that, what I meant was fake love...

Remember that he will always be a player.

Even if he tells you that he has changed for the better,

Don't trust him, you're not the first,

Because you'll never be able to quench his thirst.

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