Just Our Luck.

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BOOOOOOO. AHAHAHA, hello again! Alright, I should be studying for my exams, but DUDE, I have zero brain cells left, so I decided to write and RELAX! YAY! Anyway, this poem is basically about a girl going insane over a guy. I decided to do it from the perspective of two best friends who like the same kind of guy, and after a while, they realize that they really shouldn't waste their time over such players. I thought it was really cute to see like GIRL POWER against these guys and YEAH MAN! love it:) So, don't go thinking too much about whether this is real or fake because if you do, you become just like the darlings below. So, don't think. Just read:)


Maybe if you weren't caught up with yourself,

Then perhaps our lives wouldn't be living hell.

Maybe if you lessened your ego and male pride,

We wouldn't run away and attempt to hide.

Firstly, you don't go toying with our feelings.

Your passionate words kill our cells and drives us to throw things,

Against the wall in utter frustration,

At the words you take back with no hesitation.

Secondly, you need to understand you're not that much,

A diamond in our eyes, the beat of our hearts.

No, you don't matter that much to us,

Because five months ago, we had the last laugh.

Thirdly, you do not insult our best friends,

Because it only addes discord and the tense,

Atmosphere as we consider your words,

And realize that there is no point in getting hurt.

Fourthly, acting dense isn't going to get you anywhere,

Whether to source out a truth, or just a dare.

You're dealing with Literature students over here,

And we can shred and tear out every tear.

Fifth and finally, get this into your head.

We're not bitching, or trying to hate.

But it's just that your attitude sucks,

And we admit that meeting you is just our luck.


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