Letter to Boys.

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I LOVE THIS POEM. no, I'm not targeting any guy(who knows?) Basically, this is a poem done from the point of girls that are just pissed with the antics of boys. I collected all the stuff from my friends complaining(at least the boy crazy ones) and put them together into a letter!:)


Dear boys, please stop flirting,

It's really making our hearts hurting.

If you know, we girls like security,

It's not going to help by being naughty.

We are creatures of much reassurance,

Trust me, that's what given by our parents.

So, if you want to win our hearts,

In truth, it's really not that hard.

Step One: You don't flirt with all the girls,

In the room, because it makes us hurt.

Your 'friendliness' puts us off,

It makes you look like a dork.

Step Two: You don't over-analyze our words,

And start questioning every single verse.

That we send over the days,

Just keep it to yourself, and they won't be any falls or grazes.

Step Three: You do not play mind games,

Sure, they may be fun...and lame.

What would you do if we did the same?

Place you in utter turmoil and shame?

Step Four: You ain't gonna do the male pride thing.

All those extra ego, showing off-it stinks.

Spare a thought for our feelings,

Experience your own dilly dallying.

Dear boys, this is our letter to you,

Doesn't it seem easy to win it through?

All you need is a little patience,

A virtue you all need to learn.


The girls who got played.

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