The Secret. (part seven of the mermaid legacy)

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OMG I NEARLY FORGOT ABOUT THE MERMAID LEGACY! that's why I'm writing it again. I know y'all may have forgotten this legacy thing(because I certainly did) so you can...well, take this chance and reread!:) yay! hahah enjoy!


Beneath the murky watery depths,

She saw the glint of silver lead.

As if magic was helping her reliquish her hold,

On her breath as she dove into the deep black hole.

It was a silver book, bound in chains,

Crisscrossed with linen so faint.

But words that glowed etched itself,

Correspondingly, hopping like an elf.

She opened it, and there she saw,

Her father, the King with no flaws.

It seemed like stark brutality to her,

To see his brother, her uncle, still to serve.

She flipped a page, and then it threw,

Words and journal entries so fast they flew,

And then, she saw it, but it disappeared.

The secret to her uncle's downfall, thrown backwards.

Before she could give up all hope,

A potion recipe appeared before she could close the book.

Aware that she was running out of time,

She grabbed the page and swam out of sight.

As she sat gasping on the shore,

Her legs and arms all sore.

She read the potion again, and again,

And memorized what was needed to be gained.

Then, at the front of the Fire Lord's home,

She burnt the page with the fire stones.

She felt fury coursing through the waters,

As if her uncle was made aware the existence of her.

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