The Bus Stop.

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HELLO! I LOVE THIS POEM because the way of writing is kinda different!:) this talks about a girl who's just waiting for a bus but its not coming:) it was inspired by GLADYS, for waiting at the bustop with me, and giving me this fabulous idea. SO, for her awesome inspiration and motivation and amazing everything, it's dedicated to HER:) hope you enjoy it:)


Drip drop, drip drop,

Squeaky sounds made by flip flops.

I stand there waiting and waiting,

Waiting for my Prince Charming to come save me.

I cringe as I breathe in the toxic gas,

Filling my lungs in its horrible mass.

I stand on tip toes trying to see,

Please, I thought, be the one I need!

And no, it didn't come, I sighed again.

What more could I wish for in this cement tent?

The floor was wet, the seats ain't dry,

Because of the darn rain, I'd tell you why!

Another one comes, and I peer hopefully,

Just be the one I need, please?

But no, with its slick windows and soft machine,

It just had to be somebody's else's dream.

The time ticked slowly by,

As the carbon monoxide clouded my eye.

Gosh, we so needed to save the earth,

Reduce the machines so mine would come faster!

The third bus approaches, and I look up,

It's bus number was obscure, I couldn't see much.

But wait, oh my gosh, it truly is!

That's my bus, and I can finally leave!

I stepped onto the cool air-conditioning,

Being glad that I was finally on this machine.

I blew a kiss at the bus stop as I went,

Overjoyed that i was finally away from it at the end.

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